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Topic: London's Royal Albert Hall celebrates 150 years (Sunday Morning CBS)

Two of Joe's old friends ...  Royal Albert Hall ... and Jane Pauley.

CBS Sunday Morning aired a 6+ minute feature on RAH marking it's 150th Anniversary today (7/11/2021.)

Sad no snippets of Joe in the short. sad

.. however ... before Jane retires from Sunday Morning (someday) ... it would be great if she did an update on "one young man to busy for fantasy ... he's living it!"  Time to fill the Inbox at CBS Sunday Morning!!

London's Royal Albert Hall celebrates 150 years
https://youtu.be/pRTJ8v_cSlU (CBS Sunday Morning)

And for old times sake ... the Video that put the J&R Train on the Tracks!

13 year old Joe Bonamassa on Real life with Jane Pauley
https://youtu.be/VvHEyAnS0bs (BonamassaTeam)

(and my apologies to all here keeping the Forum Flame burning ... I need to lurk less and Post the heck up more!)

"I was in Space for less than 2 weeks … and suddenly Jeaniene’s back … half the Band is off the gd wagon … we have comedians opening for us … and the nice kid that ran our website is now a kleptof’nmaniac.  Boy ... did you guys miss me!!"  Phil Valentine - Road Manager - Staton House Band

JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.