Topic: Joe's Voice....WOW

saw JB 2 months ago at Ruth Eckerd hall and man his voice...normal/mixed/head voice have all improved...for a guy that learned to sing at 19-20 he is making big strides...lots of power, range, and agility...Kudos JB keep up the good work...i'm happy to keep spending Cash on an entertainer that works so hard and is also so gifted!

Re: Joe's Voice....WOW

I agree with you, Joe's voice is absolutely awesome & very powerful and I'm going on the ACL Concert on the 1st April....

*Huge Knopfler & Bonamassa fan....
* Mr Kyps, Poole, UK is where Joe played his first ever UK gig in 2005 and was originally my middle school!!!!
*A fully fledged Cardboard 'cut out' audience member at the Ryman Auditorium 20/09/2020

Re: Joe's Voice....WOW

Yeah its very noticeable to me now. I used to be the oh i love the singing on ANDY...and over the years, yeah recognized differences but the past few years to me its become improvements and diversity. Particularly comparing ANDY to ANDN although I still love ANDY voice. Can't wait till my next show and the next album.