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Topic: JB prototype Tele missing from fedex

Posted on JB's Twitter account.. to bad we can't attach pictures.

One of the Fender Custom Shop prototypes of this guitar

Dear @FedEx I would like my guitar back. It's JB006 @FenderCustom Nocaster that was on its way to @GuitarWorld for review 10 days ago. You say it's missing. I say it was stolen. Your own videos prove it was scanned into your distribution center in Nashville and never left. JB


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Re: JB prototype Tele missing from fedex

Ugggh hope it gets found. Hopefully just a mix up and nothing nefarious. It used to be some tracking was very reliable and up to date but in recent times I have learned sometimes you just have to wait...but this does sound fishy.

I think you can see this without being logged into twitter, Joe's post about it, with pic
https://twitter.com/JBONAMASSA/status/1 … 73/photo/1

Re: JB prototype Tele missing from fedex

Found in brackish custodial custody https://twitter.com/JBONAMASSA/status/1 … 5659922432 smile  All the future mailings now are through the Prussian Consulate big_smile lol

Re: JB prototype Tele missing from fedex

He never did say whether the delivery was simply delayed by FedEx (which happens all the time these days), or whether it was actually stolen and recovered...  ?

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