Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

WUD i am no ♥ i needed this

Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

How did I know that you'd be in heaven with the return of the power trio format, Jane? big_smile

It was a wonderful show, highlighted for me by hearing songs I've never seen him do live before ("Wandering Earth," "Miss You, Hate You," "Crossroads") and some nice surprises instrument-wise (the blonde Esquire, the '61 SG Standard w/Vibrola, the return of the theramin).

I definitely had a blast, and can't wait for the DVD! wink

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Good Lord. I needed that.
Thanks Joe.....probably my favorite yet !

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Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

Joe hasn't played like this in years.
Good choices of no horns or keys , just pure Joe.
I know it's a lot more work for Joe and mot being 20-ish anymore could he keep a show like this going for months, don't know, 
Only Joe can say how tired he is.

Add Crossroads to the set list above for the final encore
And you have 2 hours and 25min of playing


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

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Jane H. wrote:

wow this is the most amazing Joe performance. my mind is blown
and what Jade just laid down on TBOJH...i will never be the same!!!
sooooo gooooood

She was literally a human theremin.  I saw Derek and Susan do a call and response with her voice and his guitar and it was quite amazing.  Jade made it next level.

The whole show blew me away.  Nice to see Joe hasn't lost his touch for "updating" old songs.  Would love to see this live.


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Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

Well what can I add that hasn't already been said here, Joe blew our minds here in the UK! I loved every well crafted song and there is no doubt Joe is a true master.....loved how 'Beyond the Silence went 'disturb the silence' sound wise!! This and the Ryman will be a must have on Bluray

*Huge Knopfler & Bonamassa fan....
* Mr Kyps, Poole, UK is where Joe played his first ever UK gig in 2005 and was originally my middle school!!!!
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I Was'nt Expecting That

That was The Best Show , i've never been to cool

That's why Joe Bonamassa is The #1 Blues Artist , that show was Insanely Brilliant

That's what you get if you Isolate/Cage a Virtuoso Guitarist , Joe Bonamassa was in Full on 11 Mode

That Band were i believe the best sounding band ever to be onstage with Joe, They Sounded So So Tight

Steve Mackey on Bass Sounded Amazing real heavy and upfront like a duel guitarist with Joe , Great Sound
Jade McCrea sound Serene and Beautiful hitting every note So Sweet
Anton Fig always in The Center of The Beat and The Backbone of The Groove

Highlights ......

Love Ain't a Love Song ... Arranged so beautiful and Jade and was in Scintillating form
Lookout Man ...  with that driving bass and very heavy groove  superb
Beyond the Silence ... love the middle part like a mash up guitar war
Jockey Full of Bourbon ... The Solo was outstanding here
Pain and Sorrow ... Quite literally The Best Version Ever , it had every Beautiful part of The Studio Version and more OMFG
Scuttle Buttin' ... Joe set this SRV Torchbearer alight, so Wild and Aggressive , loved it, what a place to play it , Homely
Blues Deluxe ... i have to say , this is without doubt Joe's Best Vocal ever here in this song here, he sounded so Bluesy & Soulful
his vocals were Truly Stellar and so impressive , So So Good, as good as The Borderline Version
The Ballad of John Henry ... now this song has not been one of my favorites in the live set, i thought it dragged its feet and was
dreary live, .... But this version was what it was truly meant to sound like, Joe has transformed and arranged into something so epic that it now feels worthy of the story , it is so epic with heavy chords speeded up and Jades vocals adding to the emotion, it was Truly Stunning , love that breakdown guitar part with Steve too, so good

That was one of Joe's best career shows without a doubt, pushing the arrangements the songs sounding fresh , heavy and so tight,  a few times a tear welled up in my eye it was that emotional , Pain and Sorrow, Blues Deluxe, TBOJH

I bet Joe and The Quartet Loved playing that show, it was Insanely entertaining and just what i needed

Thank You The Joe Bonamassa Band

Thanks also to all Joe's Techy guys getting that streamed it was so perfect , in my top 5 Joe Shows, great setlist and best sounding

Love Joe grabbing a Gibson SG and not being nice to it and with Steve wearing a flat cap and Anton straight down the middle
was a la Angus Brian Phil Rudd moment ... so cool    cool

............. Michael

ps ... thanks to Mr Richard Branson too for my Superfast Broadband with  4K HD Blu Ray Quality
...... Boom Live Joe Bonamassa tearing it up smile

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3rd ...... Mountain Time / Rockpalast
2nd ...... Sloe Gin       /  Vienna             
1st ....... Blues Deluxe / The Borderline

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Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

ACL - Live!

I concur with what Michael said above! A Stella performance all round.

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Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

I just wrote the review of my life and then it disappeared. I will try again but it won't be the same. My son snagged two tickets at the last minute to see Joe in Huntsville on 4/3. We were excited knowing Eric Gales would be there for at least a couple of songs. It was limited seating at the Mark Smith concert hall at Von Braun Center, a state of the art hall with great acoustics. They did a good job of distancing the crowd, seating was spread out pretty well.
Joe was on fire and the band was tight as usual. The addition of Jade McRae on backing vocals was genius. She did a wonderful job of it and even had her own solo piece in John Henry.
Son and I were not in total agreement on the order but we did get all the songs right. My legs are so sore today from climbing the multiple stairs to get to the balcony. It was worth it to say the least, I would definitely do it all over again.

Oh Beautiful
Lookout Man
Midnight Blues  .......... this on the eve of what would have been Gary's 69th birthday
Wandering Earth
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Beyond the Silence
Pain and Sorrow   ............... with Eric Gales, my fav of the night, cheers Jane
Miss You, Hate You
Scuttle Buttin      ................ what a great cover, Joe tore that Strat to hell and back
Blues Deluxe      ................. had not heard this one live since Nashville many years ago with Larry Carlton sitting in
John Henry        .................. Joe broke out the theramin, a very different arrangement from other live versions

Encores :

Woke Up Dreamimg
Crossroads        ............. with Eric Gales, this was tremendous them trading licks back and forth

I remember pi R Squared in math class ............. wait, I know for sure Junior Sample told Grandpa "Pie are round, Cornbread are square"

Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

good to hear from everyone here!
Sorry about losing the review post Trey, I hate when that happens.
OMG I thought of you when I saw Eric Gales was at that show
here's a couple links to the cruise facebook page where someone got some vid....i think anyone should be able to see them but idk
I haven't had chance yet except to check out the Pain and Sorrow......I was VERY skeptical and not sure I would like it it...I played it while driving and couldnt watch....didnt hear anything bad or out of place for the song...I approve! … 430424096/ … 314586197/

I havent had chance to go back and rewatch the ACL....I am going to watch same time as bonabuddy and talk over phone
and watch as many more times this month as I can.

I was pretty blown away and very pleasantly surprised and its telling to hear from many long time fans here and elsewhere that have been moved to words over this show.

Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

Just watching the Pain and Sorrow with Eric Gales...wowo I loved his solo....and his suit!!! not that i didn't think I'd like his playing with Joe but Pain and Sorrow is extra special to me so sort of have to protect my heart with it...

the back and forth with guest guitarist i usually don't like that much but this was all OK big_smile

Re: Power Trio set list ***SPOILERS***

This is funny because we were in the very last row of the upper balcony and I could not see what he was wearing at all, so thanks for posting these. didn't think I would be able to watch them because I don't have a facebook account. But the sound was excellent, and also on Crossroads as well.
Eric is coming back to Birmingham on May 6 at Zydeco on the southside, we will be there and this time with his girlfriend in tow who has never seen Eric before. Oh I tell you this is gonna be priceless, she listens to mostly pop and country music 

Jane H. wrote:

Just watching the Pain and Sorrow with Eric Gales...wowo I loved his solo....and his suit!!! not that i didn't think I'd like his playing with Joe but Pain and Sorrow is extra special to me so sort of have to protect my heart with it...

the back and forth with guest guitarist i usually don't like that much but this was all OK big_smile

I remember pi R Squared in math class ............. wait, I know for sure Junior Sample told Grandpa "Pie are round, Cornbread are square"