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As noted elsewhere on the site, I had some issues with the stream for the Royal Tea PPV. I still enjoyed the part of the show I saw, but missed much of it during the live performance.

I signed up for tonight's Austin City Limits performance, but it will be the last time I do a PPV Joe show. I have no trouble logging on to the viewing site on my computer, but neither of my smart TVs has been able to access the site. I didn't pay the PPV fee to watch the show on my laptop wearing headphones. I want to see it on my big-screen plasma TV coming through my home theater stereo setup.

Whoever is in charge of setting these things up needs to get their tech act together. Smart TVs have been around for quite awhile now, so it shouldn't be an insurmountable challenge to make sure your customers can access the content they have paid for. roll

Terrance Shuman
Kansas City, MO

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Re: Once Bitten, Twice Shy...

Agree Coach, it's tricky and tough for some of us who are not tech savvy.

For Royal Tea I purchased an HDMI cable and connected it to my computer and then to the TV, like Lester said, so I could watch on my big screen.  But it was a "royal' pain to get that figured out at the last minute.

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Re: Once Bitten, Twice Shy...

I have an old Dell Windows 7 laptop,  signed into the site, connected the HDMI out to my surround sound using an HDMI cable that then goes up to my Samsung big screen via HDMI cable in my livingroom.

Had a great concert.

Just went up to my music studio this morning and on my main desktop, Win10 unit,  signed into the website.
Clicked watch.
It's been running fine on my desktop past 1.5hrs of 2.5hrs

Sorry Coach you had trouble, sometimes old school approach is best.

I use a proven "old school " process, don't both trying to get my smart TV/surround sound to talk to the site, don't screen share from my phone wirelessly,  or a fire/roku stick
old school works every time,

Why didn't you just connect the hdmi out of the laptop to your TV?

PS, video on system right now for replay, try my hook up, audio down the HDMI cable to your surround sound to your big plasma

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DougH wrote:

Why didn't you just connect the hdmi out of the laptop to your TV?

To be clear: I understand how this stuff works. I just don't think I should have to connect my laptop to the TV to watch the concert on that TV. I also think that if folks KNOW Smart TVs are not going to be able to connect to their content they should make that plain in their advertisements. I was getting reminders daily in my email even after I purchased my ticket; if they spent half that much effort fixing whatever is preventing Smart TVs from gaining access it would be time well spent.

Terrance Shuman
Kansas City, MO