Topic: Rock Candy Funk Party....and Zappa

So, the other night i was on a particularly strange journey thru some of my old Frank Zappa stuff, and suddenly realized that a lot of his stuff sounded a lot like the Jazz Rock fusion that RCFP plays, which got me to thinking....why don't they cover a Zappa tune on their next disc? Joe and Tal have the chops to pull it off and this instrumental stuff of Frank's would  be perfect to cover, not to mention,  shedding a little light on one of the greatest artists in Rock history. Those of you familiar with Zappa should offer up some suggestions. There are so many to choose from, but I want to go big and bold and say "The Gumbo Variations" from "Hot Rats"...a 13 minute jam that RCFP would totally the way, if you haven't heard that era Zappa or that song in particular,( which most of you probably have,  because this site has very intelligent participants when it comes to everything that involves quality music ) you need to check it out ...will blow your mind ...The whole Hot Rats album is amazing ! What Zappa song do you think Joe or RCFP should cover ?