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Topic: RIP Gary Moore: Gone 10 years ago today.

Ten years ago today, Gary Moore sadly left us.
Hard rock blues, metal blues, shred blues, great blues ballads, great blues wedding songs. The man was the whole package.
He is sadly missed.
If you have Gary in your collection, crank it.

Re: RIP Gary Moore: Gone 10 years ago today.

Hell. Time certainly flies. Play Gary most days. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

Re: RIP Gary Moore: Gone 10 years ago today.

RIP way too young
because of the crappy industry, until i got on this forum, I only knew the hit song they played over here....I'm Always Going to Love You
but each time i listen to his works now I gain greater affinity and craving  for his works......like Parisian Walkways....i used to think to self oh another sad blues song uggh, much like i do with some of Joe's song but now i can't get enough...like if i listen once I listen thrice
i do prefer the more upbeat stuff though for sure


much thanks to Bonabuddies including Joe who have shared songs, info and most importantly Gary cds with me ♥