Topic: Allman Betts Band/Jackson Stokes

Well, just saw these guys here in Dallas on Saturday night at the Kessler Theater. There were 2 shows, and we went to the early 6pm show. Jackson Stokes came on and played a few acoustic songs. I'd heard of him, but hadn't listened to him before. He's really good. Allman Betts Band played next & blew the roof off the place!! Great singing, playing, etc. They played several songs including Magnolia Road, Autumn Breeze, Down To The River, Dreams I'll Never See, etc. It's great that bands like this are carrying on the tradition of older classic music for new generations to hear. It was also great to hear some live music again!! I have seen a few other smaller shows this year, but this was the best!! You could tell that they loved playing onstage again!!

Re: Allman Betts Band/Jackson Stokes

They do put on a good show.  The last time I saw them (2 years ago) they were doing about 80% cover songs and 20 of their own music.  I enjoyed the show.  The first cd they did had just came out, along with Betts solo cd.  He opened the show, played for about 30 mins and then the whole band show.  I've known Devon for 10 years and seen him numerous times.  He never disappoints.  He (and now this band) are managed by Tab Benoit's manager and all of those guys are road dogs.... always touring.

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