Topic: Albert Castiglia

Can't believe nobody put something up about Albert yet!

A great blues artist, fantastic catalog of music.  He was in JR. Wells band for 10+ years.

Here's his website, he has a new LIVE CD out in 2020 he's also with Zito's Gulf Coast Records after being with a slew of others.

Funny story about how he became JR's guitarist.  He was working a reg 9-5 job, in the states unemployment office or something and a friend of his recommended him, so somebody reached out and he at first thought it was a prank call so he hung up.  They called again and asked if he would come down and try out.  So he went down.
There was all kinds of people trying out so he though he would go out, play and then go back to his boring job.  Just before he goes on stage the guy says " JR is going to make fun of you, poke jokes, etc... just go along with it"

Al goes out and blows the roof off the damn stage.  JR doesn't say ONE WORD to him.  Not a word.  He leaves and when he gets home, there's a message, if he wants the gig it's his...  the rest is history.  He went out and with JR until he passed, then started doing solo stuff and kind of stayed close to FL.  When he had Keeping ON come out he was getting a lot of air play on Siriusxm, so I had reached out and begged the local club to book him.  He came up and it was one of the best concerts i've been to.
I did a lot of street team stuff and online posts for him, as I was really excited to see him live as I really love his music.  He and I became fast friends that night and he's been back to the area a lot since 2010!

Well worth checking out, and on his website right now, he's selling his 2012 and back catalog on flash drives, and you can get most of his others through him or online. 

He's playing some dates in FL, but that's it for the start of 2021.

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