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I just got into this album over the past weekend.  My wife brought home a copy from the library.  Hearing the tunes confirmed my opinions after watching him on ACL here a few months back.  The guy's got groove.  I can't get tracks 1, 2, and 7 loud enough in the car.  Even the other tunes which are more unusual or creative, I find them entertaining as well.  It is nice to see that he hasn't painted himself into a box with his writing.  His guitar playing, albeit understated, is still packed full of soul without going over the top.  His vocals are smooth and mellow at times as well as having all the power and oomph needed when it's needed.  I will also agree that his double live disc is fantastic.   GC Jr is quickly becoming a go to fave for my morning commute.

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Re: Gary Clark Jr.

In my opinion, The first disc is a classic, and an incredible 1st effort. I find this disc to be much less dynamic and not nearly as well written...The Sophomore slump, I believe it's called. Having said that, there are still some really good tunes on this disc. Just don't find it anywhere near as compelling as Black n Blu


Re: Gary Clark Jr.

I like Gary, but that last cd wasn't that great.  Not really any blues sound to it.  Wish he would stick with blues instead of this punk/soul stuff he's seems to be doing.

He was on Howard Stern promoting that album before it came out, it was a great interview.

A friend of mine who puts together the Queen City Blues fest told me how he got his big break.

He was doing the road dog thing, (He used to be in Jimmy Vaughn's band in the 90s) and was playing a bar in Ohio.
Eric Clapton has a house there as his wife grew up there or something and when he's there he goes and watch's concerts.

Gary is playing and EC comes in and sits in the front row, right in front of Gary and just watches the whole concert.
After the show Eric goes up and starts to talk to him.. Gary is so blown away that Clapton is standing in front of him, he can't even concentrate on what Eric is saying... he just nods along.  Turns out Eric had asked him to be his opening act.  He had not idea as he was so starstruck.  Eric contacted him again about opening and the rest is history.

Pretty cool I think.

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