Topic: Which pickups to get for new guitar?

Hi everyone, I am new to this subreddit and am looking for some advice. I am looking to upgrade my current electric guitar and recently played an Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Custom EX and fell in love with everything about it, except for the pickups. I know that it is geared more towards people who play hard rock/metal, so I need a little advice regarding pickups.

I've never swapped out pickups before, but I play a lot of Blink-182 currently, and would like to start playing some classic rock/blues like AC/DC and Joe Bonamassa so finding a pair of pickups that would accommodate those genre's would be great. I've looked at Seymour Duncan models like the Custom Custom's, Alnico II's, '59's and so on but I am just wondering what everyone else thinks? I will be playing out of a Vox AC15 amp. The pickups that come stock in the guitar are active, so I will I have any problems swapping them out for passives?


Re: Which pickups to get for new guitar?

I can't be of any help with pickup recommendations (although you can find Joe's signature pickups on eBay easily enough), but I can tell you that this is Joe's fan forum, not a subreddit. hmm

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Re: Which pickups to get for new guitar?

When I think AC/DC I don't thin Vox amp,
Vox says Queen or Beatles to me.

Active pickups have circuit board and battery installed.
To switch to passive pickup system, you'll need to rip all wiring out too and replace it all.
Joe's Seymour Duncan pick ups are pretty good,  but like close to $400/pair  new

You'll need a wiring hardness,  RS Guitar works makes good ones with pio caps, for around $60-100.

Plus about $100 tech fee, you're talking $600 just swap pickups.

You'd pretty much be better off with a different guitar


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)