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This might not be the right category to post this question in.  If so I apologize.

I’ve seen several older messages about the pin up girl on Joe’s Goldie strat and places to find one.  None of those links work.   

Does anyone know where to get that sticker?   Is it available anywhere?  I’d love to have it to pay tribute to one of Joe’s most unique guitars.

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Someone in the Gear section posted a couple of years ago they made a Goldie clone and had the stickers remade

Scan back in the gear section


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

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Re: Goldie Strat Pin Up Girl

I have one, not on a guitar, and before proceeding, the answer is “NO,” and, I did NOT get it from posters, but here you go, I think, here: … 48&p=2

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Re: Goldie Strat Pin Up Girl

Spider hooked up Guytron few years back ... always a smile reading through past Threads ... but sad realizing those familiar names don't pop up as often in the Actives nowadays.

Looks like the FB photo links are a dead end ... but IIRC ... Guytron had the Pinup decal on his replica when completed ... so he may have obtained another decal after having some complications applying his first one in hand.

Not shedding any light on where to get a decal ... but recalled the most recent Build post ... I think ... and wanted to reminisce a bit.  (Rocket's links were opening an empty page for me.)

Best wishes Forum Family with staying Healthy ... and Happy.  Welcome and Good luck Philip! ... please keep us Posted on your Goldie Build.

Guytron's Build Thread

Cliff's build Thread from 2011 ... Spider was the decal savior once again. smile

(Still wonder who purchased the original at auction for $30K back in 2011)
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