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Topic: So It's Like That CD + A New Day Yesterday Live DVD

I have the packaged set of So It's Like That CD with A New Day Yesterday Live DVD.
Just wondering how rare this may be?

Re: So It's Like That CD + A New Day Yesterday Live DVD

Jane H. wrote:

Hi. Welcome to the forum.
IDK how to rate that in terms of rarity but they are definitely out of print and harder to find these days.
I believe that this was the original release and there were 25000 copies.Later it was released just as the So, Its Like That (SILT) cd , and the A New Day Yesterday Live(ANDY) live dvd separately.
I had given away quite a few of these back in 03 and 04 when i was a newer fan....wish I had held on to more.
That being said, i still have a copy or so and don't need one but i have seen them being sold for $40plus, depending on condition / open or not.
Its a classic!
I also see them wrongly advertised. The original stock photo or whatever you call it, shows the 2 disc set photo and some people selling them online use that photo but only have the SILT cd to sell.

Hi Jane,
Many thanks for the welcome and the background information.
I started collecting Joe's early CDs/DVDs after seeing him on his first visit to the UK, 21st May 2005 at the Flowerpot in Derby.
I knew there and then that we had a star in the making!