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Hi all!

I am Chrissy, and I live in Eastleigh, in Hampshire, England.

Loving all things JB. Only discovered him a couple of years ago on the Sunday blues programme on Planet Rock radio. I was in the car and was blown away. Never looked back. I am also into bands like Porcupine Tree, AC/DC, and of course ol' Slow Hand himself, Eric Clapton.

Haven't seen JB live yet, but that is at the top of my bucket list.

Looking forward to the 20th. Having a get together with some friends, and watching it in their home cinema. That street is gonna ROCK!


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welcome to the forum....see ya at the show big_smile

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Welcome to the group, Chrissy!

"To repeat a good thing is to sit still; to take a chance is to grow." - Joe Bonamassa
I need some Joe...NOW.
Joe = Joy