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Prayers go out to Tom & family, now in a UCLA hospital in critical condition and on life support (reportedly) after cardiac arrest. You can believe everything you see and read on the internet right ? ............. I wish I hadn't seen this and hope it's fake news

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Latest word is he has passed. There was no brain activity and he was removed from life support. Such a sad day!

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There are no words to describe how sad this makes me....

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Prayers for Tom and his family ... I would always circle back to his songs since 1980 ... and I always appreciated his position ... that it's always about the music.

... and sad to wake up to the news this morning that he has passed.

Thank you Tom for the years of providing me with the feelings you get when you listen to music that grabs you.

Rest In Peace.

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Such sad news and came as a total shock today.
Just thinking of how much popular music he made.He had the gift for songwriting

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I am numb. Feel sick.

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So sad.


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Great, great  video of Tom Petty Joe posted on his twitter. Loved it. … 2047617024

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My friend called me and told me about Tom Petty. I was shocked and saddened. We saw him at the Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 22 and a few weeks later he passed away. He and the band put on a great show!

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previously unheard Tom Petty song
i havent had time to fully listen need to go here first

Listen to the never-before-heard song of Tom's, “There Goes Angela (Dream Away)”. The song is another home demo from the forthcoming Wildflowers project. Head to for a free download of the track or hear it on SiriusXM