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i only have a few magazines with Joe on the cover...something recently got me wondering how many he has been on...anyone gather that info / collect the mags?
if you do and you feel like making a list here or start your own thread (I'll delete this one) that would be cool imo

I recall this one from quite a few years back...don't have the mag but saw it online...forget the name but I think it was from Sweden....i loved the shirt he had on in the picture and spent a good amount of time searching ebay for something similar...I think I narrowed down the brand who made it, saw them online store but out of stock and nothing in my size
I'm sure there was a decent article in there but its memorable to me for the shirt on the cover....I don't really want to try to collect all the mags but that one I would and am just curious otherwise

I think I remember a Vintage Guitar one but don't recall if Joe was on it but I think goldie the old sparkle strat was on cover? that would count imo too

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Re: list of magazine covers Joe has been on

Jane, I have a bunch of them but they have been relegated to the attic archives on my last move!  If I get up there again I'll take inventory.  I know there were several "Blues Magazine", one with some sexy face stubble, and of course a couple from Classic Rock - one was the cover I had autographed and framed and passed along to you a while back!  <3

Funny story about his shirt!

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Re: list of magazine covers Joe has been on

"Vintage Guitar" magazine opened up their archives. Here are the issues with Joe on cover. You can now browse the pages
06.2014 … index.html

04.2015 … index.html

04.2017 … index.html

04.2018 … index.html

12.2018 … index.html

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Re: list of magazine covers Joe has been on haha I forgot about this thread, thanks
that is a lot of flying v's
its one of those things i say oh when i find the time....was thinking the other day about the encyclopedia of Joe help in the gear section...always wanted to get back to gathering the helpful gear info/opinion/advice Joe used to can save it and other stuff here ...but I never get to it....this is another one of those things...and Bonahistory blahblah big_smile

who can forget this one... … ock-cover/

oh I think I found that one Blues Magazine Sally … ne_signed/

did a google for that and saw there was a few years of Blues Revue covers ...I know there are lots of others

Re: list of magazine covers Joe has been on

I have a copy of Guitar Player magazine from 2009. It's got Joe with the goldtop. I bought it at a Guitar Center. I hadn't gone into a music store for YEARS and when I saw it I thought, Hmmm, I've heard of this guy, but I don't remember how. Blues? Sold.
Trying to find a pic but I can only find ebay links and don't want to post those.