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That moment when I identify as reo l


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that moment when you see on twitter something funny and intend to post it under things that make you laugh and then you change your mind

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That moment when Joe's music makes me feel beautiful and at peace with myself.

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Thats a great moment!! Glad to read about it smile
Got me thinking...Pain and Sorrow sorta makes me feel at peace with self or that there is a chance at achieving that. Joe singing Oh Beautiful does make me feel beautiful and like he is singing it to me.

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had a few moments today

That moment when you remember Neil Peart is dead sad
Not that I had forgotten particularly but it was out of mind. The the radio played Rush then mentioned him being gone and it kind of hit me again.

A better moment....that moment when you try the new Pizza place that just opened down the street...and they have GREAT PIZZA! Good crust gooood sauce!!!! yummmo. I often crave pizza but often end up eating subpar and always regretting it.

the that moment when you realize you had one too many slices! feel like going to explode and i know better but at least its not indigestion like bad sauce gives me big_smile