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Topic: Coronavirus Cancellations

Hmm; not a post I wanted to put up, but then, someone's got to do it.

It's pretty obvious by now that with cross-border travel restrictions and countries now restricting gatherings for the immediate to foreseeable future, not a lot of tours and gigs are going to be happening. Many bands are mid-tour and caught up in the chaos and of course, many are turning their attentions home to their loved ones, and who can blame them.

This of course has a knock-on effect on the income of bands & band members, especially the ones closer to the roots level; this being the time when  many bands are starting to market new product. And of course there's similar considerations to those smaller venues and the people who run them and support OUR music.

So, can I take a proposal I saw yesterday from singer/songwriter Benjamin Bassford and expand on it a little. If you were going to see a band and can't get, buy some merch from their site - you'd probably have done so at the gig anyway. And if you have tickets for a show  that's been cancelled how about not refunding (if reaqsonable) the ticket; you've already paid the venue/promoter...

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Re: Coronavirus Cancellations

In the USA and around the world:-

Kelly Clarkson
The April 1 opening of Clarkson’s Las Vegas residency, Invincible, has been postponed until July.

Jonas Brothers
The brothers have cancelled their entire April Las Vegas residency

Thom Yorke
The Radiohead front man postponed the U.S. leg of his tour.

Rage Against the Machine
The Rage Against the Machine reunion tour, slated to begin March 26, is on hold until the summer.

Stormzy had to cancel tour dates in Asia. The London rapper also called off his gig planned for March 5 in Zurich, where the government announced a ban of any events with more than 1,000 people in attendance.

Green Day
Green Day canceled several planned tour dates in countries affected by coronavirus: Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka, and Tokyo. The band has not announced plans for the next leg of their tour, which takes them through parts of Europe dealing with the outbreak.

Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam postponed their four-month North American tour. “Again, here in Seattle what we are witnessing we would not wish for anyone,” the group wrote in a statement. “What we do wish for the rest of the country is that they can avoid the harsh negative effects of this and retain their sense of community and take care of one another.”

Due to Live Nation cancelling international and domestic tours, it’s the end of the road for the “End of the Road World Tour.” Previously, Kiss canceled all meet and greets as a response to coronavirus concerns.

My Chemical Romance
have dropped the Australian leg of their reunion tour.

The Grand Ole Opry
The iconic Nashville stage that broadcasts the “world’s longest-running radio show” will pause performances involving a live audience, effective March 13. The venue released a statement saying, “During this time, the Saturday Night Grand Ole Opry Show will return to its original format as a live radio broadcast without a live audience.”

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Re: Coronavirus Cancellations

Parker Millsap's concert in Paducah, Kentucky that we'd planned to attend has been postponed.   I think all concerts will be canceled until further notice.
In my state (Indiana) they've closed all bars and taverns.  Restaurants have been closed to just carryout.
Grocery stores are getting emptied out and I fear dangerous times may lay ahead.
The world's playing out like a Stephen King novel.
I definitely agree with Mike's thoughts to help out our bands and artists that have been derailed chasing their dream.

Re: Coronavirus Cancellations

Well, we're at the "advisory measures" level now. Everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres. Theatres and music venues around the UK, including the National Theatre, London Palladium and Royal Opera House, have announced they are to close from last night until further notice. Pubs, theatres and music venues have expressed anger about the impact of the government's new guidance on their businesses. Many have been critical that the prime minister advised people to stay away from social venues while not forcing premises to close, which could have given them financial protection.

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Re: Coronavirus Cancellations

On a good note...there'll be a baby boom, especially here in the US where all sports have been canceled.  smile