Topic: Help me choose a desktop/practice/home amp

Hope it's okay to post this since it's primarily pictures here.

There are 2 amps i kept hearing about and i'm interested but haven't seen either in person to try. Boss Katana 50 or Yamaha thr5/thr10. It's only going to be used at home for practice. Want to keep it at this price point (around 200$). Will be used with a pod hd desktop and i already have an audio interface/monitor situation.

If i don't go with these, will most likely get new tubes for my carvin legacy.

Re: Help me choose a desktop/practice/home amp

I have a tube amp that I haven't used since I bought the Katana 100. It switches 0.5, 50 and 100 watts. Has four pre programmable channels (a fifth if you count the panel setting). Has over 59 class effects installed and sounds better than the 50. For your price point a second hand or older mk 1 should be easily available. The tone studio software is excellent. The footswitch GA |FC is excellent and in effect gives you nine channels and the ability to switch on and off effects as you play. It has an effects loop direct record out etc etc. And did I say it sounds awesome as well.  Yes it can be gigged with at all levels and at 100 can take paint off the walls but at 0.5 it can be used at home even with young children. Much recommended  big_smile

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