Topic: Ida Mae

I had a chance to see Tommy Emmanuel the other night, and Ida Mae opened up.  I happened to see them a year ago opening for Greta Van Fleet as well.  The last time, I thought they were pretty good, but didn't blow me away.  It *was* awesome to see what is primarily an acoustic blues duo rocking a big outdoor venue, getting blues in front of a very age-diverse crowd.  This time, in a theater, I think the music came across better due to the venue's intimacy and better sound.  I really dug them.  In fact, I hate to say it, but I think I liked their set more than Tommy Emmanuel's (of course, he's a mind-blowing player).

They do a mix of original acoustic blues/rock, blues covers (Blind Lemon Jefferson, Memphis Minnie, etc) and americana type of stuff (Woody Guthrie), etc.  The guy played one of two vintage resonators and sang (well), and the woman sang (beautifully) and played rhythm instruments like tambourines.  Great vocal harmonies, strong songs.  It works really well, and with the addition of one of those 'low thump stomp boards', it sounded really full and 'complete' for two people.  Their album has bass and drums on many songs, and is more of an electric blues/rock album.  I'm really digging that, too.

It was encouraging to see a husband/wife duo touring the country, getting blues in front of people.  I really struck me, this is a great example keeping the blues alive and how vibrant the live music scene is, in some ways.  They're hitting the pavement and gigging, gigging, gigging.  They mentioned they've been to 43 states and put 75,000 miles on their 4-door sedan (and she joked "and we're still married!").

Check them out.