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Topic: My new JBLP Custom Shop

Hi all,

Haven't been on here for a few years, but here's my new goldtop I picked up today. Serial number BONAMASSA 121 and spent its life in Bexhill-on-sea in the UK. It now resides in Manchester, UK. Absolutely love it, smoothest playing guitar I've ever had!

It was owned by a collector and played very few times. I think it even has the original strings on there still. Ageing is spot on.

For some reason it wont let me post a link, if you type 'jonny lowther' on flickr then click 'people' you should find the photos. Just thought I'd share them.

Kind regards,


Re: My new JBLP Custom Shop

Nice score Jonny. I remember you on that guitar safari in London with Linda, hefting that log passing for a Lester.
Now you have a proper one.

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Re: My new JBLP Custom Shop

Hi Jonny! I guess you forgot your  password....you can't post links as a new user until you make a certain number of pists.
I'll link it for you. Looks great!

Re: My new JBLP Custom Shop

Thanks Jane for posting the pics.  That's really beautiful.  Enjoy!

Jonny, good to hear from you again.  Still with the airlines?

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Re: My new JBLP Custom Shop

Thanks Rick! I'm really enjoying the geetar, best one I've ever played!

Hi Jane, yes I did forget my password and which email it was linked to! But thanks a lot for posting that link for me.

Thanks Sally, yes still slogging the 737 around Europe!