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Years and years ago I got a "Promo CD" from a band called Bloodline from a girlfriend who lived in New York for awhile. Since then I'm following "Smokey Joe" in the media.

I'm not that kind of a forum guy, so that's why it took so long before I registered. You could say I'm more an guitar-addict. Always looking for ways to get better skills, or sound. Unfortunately I'm not as talented, and didn't practice as much, as Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Greg Koch, Eric Gales, Matt Schofield and all the others.

But I play guitar because I like it, not because I'm good at it!

I'm mostly interested in guitar related subjects. I will mostly read, but if I can contribute in a positive way I might react.

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Welcome! good story!

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Nice to have you join, Martijn!  You may also like the gear section on here.

Playing because you like it is the best reason!

"To repeat a good thing is to sit still; to take a chance is to grow." - Joe Bonamassa
I need some Joe...NOW.
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