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hello people!
I am a norwegian guitar player, music teacher and school teacher. I`m into vintage guitars, amps pedals and tape echos, rack gear and everything gear related. Been playing actively for twenty years now, any gig I can get.

I`m the singer and guitar player in the Norwegian blues/rock band Tubesnakes. You can find us on the digital platforms. Our latest release is called "Tarred and feathered".

My influences are: Jimi hendrix. jeff beck, Joe Bonamassa, eric clapton, warren Haynes, allman brothers, ry cooder, eric johnson, michael landau albert lee, david gilmour robben ford and BB king.

Currently I have two gear projects. I would like to build a guitar rack for those eighties/early nineties studio geek tones.

The second is to build a Eric Johnson based rig with stereo clean, dirty rhythm and BK butler tube driven Marshall plexi lead. I think that my clean and lead tones are getting there. Need to get another amp for dirty as soon as paying gigs allow it. I have a channel on youtube that I`ve been using on and off the last six or seven years. (vadlasletta)

Other interests are collecting vinyl, skiing, cross country skiing, scuba and skin diving, sailing, fishing and last but not least Beer Brewing

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Sounds like your life is busy to say the least. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

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Nice to have you here, roffe!

"To repeat a good thing is to sit still; to take a chance is to grow." - Joe Bonamassa
I need some Joe...NOW.
Joe = Joy

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PSmith1946 wrote:

Hi and welcome to the forum. Sounds like your life is busy to say the least. big_smile

I forgot to mention that I have two kids, and I am busy writing my mater thesis about composing and production of the mentioned Tubesnakes album.