Topic: Where does the animosity come from?

I've been a fan of Joe's since RAH I. Over the years I have heard numerous people complain that Joe is an arrogant, conceited, ahole, 2 people told me this just this week.  I don't know Joe, but I have seen many interviews with Joe and he comes across as the most humble of people. Everyone on this site that knows Joe seems to think he's a great guy.  Where did all the negatives come from?  Anyone know?

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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

i think its mostly jealousy, ignorance and things out of context.
i think an interview can come across in different ways if one doesn't have a lot of context.
Also there is the occasional click bait type article or blog post etc where those trying to gain views/clicks will use him to get the clicks by not giving the whole story.
there was something Joe said abut pedals that was spun way out of reality...etc. and then thats gets copied endlessly on the interwebs.
i guess if you really wanted to try to find out it would make a difference how the other person has heard about Joe or what they have used to form their opinion.
i haven't had the same experience talking about Joe but i most often only am talking to folks who are already fans or potential fans. i know ticket prices lead many to make assumptions and people also believe untrue stuff they read. its not often you hear of someone who has met him that puts him down.
Mostly though i think its jealousy....of his talent and success and accomplishments and collection and usually they don't have a grip on the hard work and sacrifice that led him there.
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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

I’m not aware of any real animosity over here in the UK.
I know he dissed Ed Sheeran which was uncalled for in my opinion, (hopefully it was meant in a light hearted way.)
Don’t worry too much about ticket prices, sometimes I go, sometimes I don’t, although I would admit the cost is above average IMO.
I’m not a follower of Joe on social media so have no idea what he does or says most of the time.
Never met the man so I’m in no position to judge but he seems a decent chap.
Also I wish him every success with the new studio album with it’s British Blues influence, unfortunately the weather for Abbey Road in January won’t be quite as pleasant as California.


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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

I've seen a few recent posts on Twitter, where someone tweets
Joe share the stage with xyz
Joe's reply was "no"

So sort of 'curt' in one respect. But not unexpected.

We've seen posts here were someone made a guitar and wants to meet Joe for him to play .
Joe also declined,  which could hurt someone's feelings.

All I know is when Joe signed my guitar he gave me a "life time guarentee " on it, and I'm holding him to it  smile

Of course I'm not going to hit him up when he's running to the washroom

Finally .. it comes from the point of when you get to a level of 'stardom' some people expect you to 'give' them something.. of course for free.


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Where does the animosity come from?

The Internet gives trolls a voice.  For this and many other reasons, it will be the death of us all.

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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

Pure jealousy imo. His success and guitar collection makes many green. Joe gets no love from traditional blues purists either.
He´s a nice humble man in person and willingly shares a moment with fans when he can.

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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

I think stardom and popularity has it's cost. You just can't spend all your time making everyone happy. Everyone that was on board with Joe in the early or even mid stage of his career could easily get just about anything signed. When you get as big as Joe, you got other stuff to do!! Between 2006 and 2012 I was a die hard street team member, and was lucky enough to see Joe backstage before the shows several (around 6-8 ) times, and, in that time, he was always polite to a fault, fun to hang around, and mainly just geeking out showing everyone his axes. Such a humble nice guy. I remember the very first time I saw him at the meet and greet...There were like 10 of us, maybe less, and he walked into the room and says …"uuuhh my name is Joe" It was so great, we all laughed, again, so unassuming. I mean everyone has their off days, but my experience is that Joe is a very disciplined and controlled guy, and super humble and nice. I like Rick's comment about being ripped on by traditional Blues artists, but that's just because Joe decided to play the Blues with Rock and Roll guitar solos....Revolutionary is what I call it.


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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

The only thing I can gather is possibly from twitter or perhaps Instagram.
  I have seen some idiots post crazy tweets in regards to things and once and a while Joe has gone off a little  on someone.
   In  in those cases he had every right to.
  All the tweets and out  of context things out there it’s bound to happen.Joe will give a strong opinion  at times.When you hang it out there sometimes it comes back at ya. I know he must know this.
Also as far as some real winners.  For example there was a tweet where some guy saying Joe didn’t know how to spell something on The Baked Potato site or sign or something.Joes like ( paraphrasing here ) That’s not me I don’t write that it’s the venues deal. I think trolls are always looking to hammer someone for anything they can possibly dig up. There was also one where a metal site put on a tweet of Joe jamming some metal.Just fooling around and there was some grief that happened there as well.They made some snide remark. Joe hit back.
  And yes it is going to be the end of us someday!
  Jealousy also I too think is part of it in the bigger picture. Or maybe someone resents Joes accolades because they have their own guitar god !

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Re: Where does the animosity come from?

It is the reason I don't do social media to the point I was visiting this site for a couple of years before I joined. My first foray. Too many sad bitter and twisted people in the world hiding in the shadowy corners of the internet throwing their bile at honest working people. Sad sad

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