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Topic: Independent Venue Week 2020 UK - 27th Jan - 2nd Feb

Don't know how many on here are aware of this event but it has grown to 200 venues all across the UK.

"Independent Venue Week is a 7-day celebration of music venues around the country and a nod to the people that own, run and work in them, week in, week out.
These venues give artists their first experience of playing live in front of an audience. They give fans somewhere to get up close to artists that one day, may well be playing stadiums and festival main stages. They also provide those wanting a career in music, off the stage, the chance to learn their craft up close in a small venue.
Independent Venue Week is unique in that it is a nationwide initiative with a completely local feel.
By championing these venues, we are able to highlight why they are so much more than just places for live music – they are cultural hubs for learning, creativity, arts and culture more widely in the local community for people from all walks of life.
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Wales and Creative Scotland in the UK as well as the wider music industry and brands globally, Independent Venue Week brings together these venues along with breaking and established artists, promoters, labels, media and tastemakers to create a nationwide series of gigs.
These venues, all local businesses, are the backbone of the live music scene and Independent Venue Week recognises all that they have done to create some of the most memorable nights of the past so they can continue to do the same in the future".

And good ideas travel - the first event in the US was in 2018; it's scheduled again for Mon 6th - Sun 12th July 2020; watch out for news.

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Re: Independent Venue Week 2020 UK - 27th Jan - 2nd Feb

For the UK; 2020:-

The Cookie
Tuesday 28th January – TOY
Saturday 1st February – Uncle Frank
Sunday 2nd February – Sound Of The Sirens
Monday 27th January – Peaness
The Shed
Tuesday 28th January – Cornflake’s At Kellys + Piston Slap
Wednesday 29th January –  All Ears Avow
Friday 31st January  – ShaoDow
The SoundHouse
Friday 31st January – Hibou + SisterBliss
Saturday 1st February – Frauds + Earls + Smack Jack

The Black Prince
Monday 27th January – ROAM
Thursday 30th January – King Purple + Tragic £7 O.T.D
Friday 31st January – The Big Dirty + The Touch + Wah Wah Club
The Roadmender
Sunday 2nd February – Local Scene + Barratts + Garden

Bury St Edmunds
The Hunter Club
Saturday 1st February – Tundra + Gutts + B.U.H + Kulk and Groff

Cambridge Junction
Monday 27th January – The Felice Brothers + Carson McHone
Friday 31st January – The Brass Funkeys
Friday 31st January – Brett Eldredge + Lauren Jenkins
Saturday 1st February – James Taylor Quartet
Saturday 1st February – Catherine Bohart: Lemon

Three Wise Monkeys
Friday 31st January – Ghosts of Men + Shooty and the Bang Bang + Killatrix
The Horn at The Half Moon
Thursday 30th February – Sean McGowan

The Smokehouse
Monday 27th January – Penelope Isles
Wednesday 29th January – TOY
Thursday 30th January – Girl Ray
Friday 31st January – Warmduscher + Earth Mother ***** + Dingus Khan

John Peel Centre For Creative Arts
Saturday 1st February – The Karpets

Lion Clapton
Monday 27th January – GIRLI
Thursday 30th January – FEET

The Half Moon Putney
Monday 27th January – James Walsh (Starsailor) Solo Acoustic
Tuesday 28th January – I SEE RIVERS
Friday 31st January – Dodgy
Saturday 1st February  – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly + Christopher Blues + Eat The Evidence + Grace Blakeley + Charlotte Carpenter + Heavy Highness + Blab + Diane Chorley + Christopher Bliss + Brigitte Aphrodite + Disco Ceilidh
The Windmill
Tuesday 28th January – Goat Girl + Great Dad + Pet Grotesque

Friday 31st January - Stereo MCs

Base Camp
Saturday 1st February – Strange Bones

The Manor House
Friday 31st January – The Alan Hull Songbook
Saturday 1st February – The Bird Scarers
Sunday 2nd February – The Manor House Songwriters

Independent Sunderland
Friday 25th January – TOY + White Flowers

The Snug Atherton
Friday 31st January – Over Oceans + The Difference + The Lounge Society + Stanleys
Saturday 1st February –  SAULTS + The Pagans S.O.H + Stepford Wives + Gdansk81

Birkenhead Library
Sunday 2nd February – Sinead O’Brien + Egyptian Blue

The Met
Thursday 30th January – Della Mae
Friday 31st January – Turin Brakes

The Live Rooms
Friday 31st January – Imperial Wax
Sunday 26th January – Penelope Isles + Nikki & The Waves

Craft Taproom
Tuesday 28th January – Maddie Stenberg + David Masson + Nicola Hardman
Friday 31st January – Mai 68 Records
Sunday 2nd February – Craft All Dayer
Handyman Supermarket
Thursday 30th January – Matt McManamon (The Dead 60’s) + Ali Horn + Ben Burke

The Salty Dog
Monday 27th January – Diet Pills + Arthur Lurker + Incisions
Wednesday 29th January – Bryan’s Music Quiz
Thursday 30th January – Deja Vega + Saint Ivy + Domiciles
Friday 31st January – Callow Youth + Heavy Salad
Saturday 1st February – Scott Burstow + Bez
Sunday 2nd February – Sworn Amongst + From Her Ashes + Clashmute

Bennigans Bar
Saturday 1st February – Sean McGowen

Friday 31st January – The Ninth Wave + Savage Mansion + Heir Of The Cursed

The Blue Arrow Jazz Club
Tuesday 28th January – Lower Dens
Wednesday 29th January – Jack Richardson + Emme Woods
Thursday 20th January – Domiciles + Tomorrow Syndicate + The Naked Feedback
Friday 31st January – City Of Vultures Takeover
Saturday 1st February – The Vintage Explosion
Saturday 1st February – Exterior + Paulitical
The Hug and Pint
Monday 27th January – Kiwi Jr.
Tuesday 28th January – Giant Drag
Thursday 30th January – Georgie
Friday 31st January – Gallus + Fiendz YT
Friday 31st January – Pleasure Heads + MEMES + Two Tone Television
Sunday 2nd February – The Goat Roper Rodeo Band

Bedford Esquires
Thursday 30th January – TOY
Friday 31st January – B.C. Camplight

Monday 27th January – Xylouris White + Gwenifer Raymond
Tuesday 28th January – Komedia New Comedy Award
Wednesday 29th January – Hammer & Tounge
Wednesday 29th January – Shovels & Rope
Thursday 30th January – Comic Boom
Thursday 30th January – Max & Ivan
Friday 31st January – Strange Cages + Skinny Milk + Yetti
Friday 31st January – Krater Comedy Club
Saturday 1st February – Geneva
Saturday 1st February – Krater Comedy Club
Sunday 2nd February – Bent Double
Sunday 2nd February – Fern Brady
The Pipeline
Sunday 2nd February – Realm of Torment + Watch Me Die + Plead

The Boileroom
Monday 27th January – TOY + White Flowers
Tuesday 28th January – B.C. Camplight
Wednesday 29th January – Peaness
Thursday 30th January – Indoor Pets
Sunday 2nd February – JOHN

Saturday 1st February – Rozi Plain

Milton Keynes
The Stables
Monday 27th January – Blinded By The Light *Film*
Tuesday 28th January – Deborah Bonham Band
Thursday 30th January – Remi Harris
Friday 31st January – Cleveland Watkiss – Great Jamaican Songbook
Friday 31st January – The Local Honeys
Saturday 1st February – Martyn Joseph
Saturday 1st February – Megan Dixon – Hood

Ramsgate Music Hall
Thursday 30th January – Adrian Sherwood

Rising Sun Arts Centre
Friday 31st January – Pink Diamond Revue + The Other Dramas + Psychpomp
Saturday 1st February – The Keep Cats + Harroland + Candid Heist
Sunday 2nd February – Sean McGowan + The August List + Colours & Fires

St Albans
The Horn
Monday 27th January – Blue Hour + Yes Factory + Vertigo + Lemon Venom
Tuesday 28th January – Artist Delvleopment & Pre-Management Session
Thursday 30th January – Sinead O’Brien + Egyptian Blue
Friday 31st January – James Taylor Quartet + DJ Hansi SOLD OUT
Saturday 1st February – Warmduscher

Tuesday 28th January – Littlemen + Port Erin + Pleasures of the Dammed
Thursday 30th January – The Will Johns Band + Meeking
Friday 31st January – And So I Watch You From Afar
Friday 31st January – JOHN
Saturday 1st February – Billy Lockett
St James’ Wine Vaults
Friday 31st January – Penelope Isles

The Anvil
Friday 24th January – ROAM
Wednesday 29th January – 45’s
Thursday 30th January – Lion
Friday 31st January – Sean McGowan

Mr Wolf’s
Friday 31st January – Joe Probert + James Humphrys
Saturday 1st February – Hardwicke Circus
Rough Trade Bristol
Friday 31st January – Lower Dens
Saturday 1st February – Kevin Devine

Pound Arts Centre
Thursday 30th January – Luke Wright: The Remains of Logan Dankworth
Friday 31st January – Rozi Plain + Lo Barnes
Saturday 1st February – Chloe Foy + Nuala Honan

Exeter Cavern
Wednesday 29th January – GENN

St James
Saturday 1st February – Beach Riot + track not found + Cold Fiction
South Petherton
The David Hall
Saturday 1st February – Mad Dog Mcrea

Acapela Studios
Wednesday 29th January – Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta
Saturday 2nd February – Daisy Chapman
The Moon
Saturday 1st February – NOVA TWINS

The Lost ARC
Wednesday 29th January – Lucky 7s – Vinyl Lover’s Social
Friday 31st January – Cambrian Records Showcase (Toby Hay + Others TBC)
Saturday 1st February – The Mighty Vipers

The Tin at the Coal Vaults
Tuesday 28th January – Penelope Isles
Wednesday 29th January – Rozi Plain
Thursday 30th January – Awalé
Friday 31st Janaury – Waste Paper Opera + Mammoth Beat Organ + Sad Man vs Artist Retired (RA)
Saturday 1st February – The Courtesy Group

Claptrap The Venue
Friday 31st January – The Humdrum Express + TV Smith

The Sugarmill
Wednesday 29th January – Warmduscher

Wroot Rocks
Friday 31st January – Chris Helme from The Seahorses + Maelor Hughes + Warren Ireland
Saturday 1st February – Blair Dunlop + Maelor Hughes

Square Chapel Arts Centre
Thursday 30th January – An Evening with Mik Artistik
Friday 31st January – Clinton Baptiste
Friday 31st January – Dan Donnelly
Saturday 1st February – Toyah Willcox
Wadsworth Community Centre
Friday 31st January – Chantel McGregor
Saturday 1st February – Text and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll with Simon Warner, Heath Common and Nick Hall

The Parrish
Wednesday 29th January – Mark Moriss (The Bluetones)
Thursday 30th January – Warmduscher
Saturday 1st February – Allusinlove

360 Club @ Lending Room
Thursday 30th January – Tiger By The Tail + Premaura + The Kidd
Friday 31st January – Victors + Link Lewis + Hannah Slavin + Eva Eik
Thursday 30th January – Man of Moon
Sunday 2nd February – Smoke Fairies

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