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Not sure if this guy has a thread from way back (all of 2014) when he started out as "Blues Boy" Dan Owen. Whatever, if he hasn't then he deserves one as he has a rich voice the belies his fresh-faced looks.

Anyway, in November he's doing a tour with a bit of a difference; from Dan’s twitter:-
I’m so excited to announce a short run of folk gigs in hand with a folk EP I am releasing. I’ll be doing the tour by bike and carrying all my gear with me over 850Km. This is a small contribution to fight climate change. I can’t wait.

14th Nov - Maschinenhaus i.d. KulturBrauerei Berlin
18th Nov - Surf Café - Tynemouth
19th Nov - Old Cinema laundrette - Durham
20th Nov - The Basement - York
25th Nov - The Big Comfy Bookshop - Coventry
28-30th Nov - Church of St Mary The Virgin - Shrewsbury (29th & 30th Sold Out)

The Ep is Running To The Hills, and here's a sample -

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Re: Dan Owen

Hmm typical; someone so good and it’s taken me nearly 6 years to be in the same place at the same time since gig-brother John T brought him into the spotlight in early 2014.

Since then, Dan has shed the “Blues Boy” tag; a strapping man more than a callow youth, but what a voice he possesses and while it may not have the “gravelly” edge once reported, it certainly has the command to pin back your ears when wrapped round the tasty self-penned numbers Dan has at his disposal. It is I think, fair to say that Dan has developed away from “Blues “into a more “Folk” orientated direction, but not so much as he still has his feet in both camps.

So, for a first encounter, a new [to me] venue, and on a chill November evening, the show was nicely warmed by a short but skilful set from another Salopian, Jessie Reid who was quite adept at the ol’ finger-tapping. When Dan came on after a short pause, he opened with one of my favourite numbers of his, Icarus, so as far as I was concerned we were, well, flying… Mixing numbers like Running To The Hills and Beauty In Disaster from the latest EP with tracks from his full album; Splinter; Made To Love You; Hideaway the split set just seemed to pass too quickly even though he must have hit 90 minutes before being called back on stage for the Ballad of Hollis Brown cover that made his reputation.

No doubts then; this guy is a serious talent, whether he continues to walk (or ride) this folksie path or head back to Blues or Rootsy Americana and to overlook him will be to your serious detriment.

Because the venue, Old Cinema Laundrette is on the "intimate" side (50 seat capacity or you get a headstock up your nose), video of the show would be hard to come by, so here's one from an earlier gig and a few choice song picks:-
From Spain, last week -

Icarus -
Hideaway -
Hand That You Hold -
Ballad of Hollis Brown -

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Re: Dan Owen

From the Surf Café; Tynemouth; 18-11-19

Beauty In Disaster -
Running To The Hills -
If I Knew You Better -
Little Red Rooster -

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