Topic: 11-3, Springfield, IL UIS Performing Arts Center

Joe's setlist for Springfield was different than Coach's the night before:

1) Evil Mama
2) Just 'Cos You Can...
3) King Bee Shakedown
4) Self Inflicted Wounds (I was hoping If Heartaches Were Nickels but Joe and Jade did awesome)
5) This Train (Joe and Michael went back and forth, one of the show highlights)
6) Blues Of Desperation
7) I Get Evil (I might be wrong on this one)
8) Sloe Gin
9) Well, Well
10) I Can't Quit You Baby (similar to Natasha's from the cruise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwGQkrdgJFw , very good)
11) Little Girl
12) Ballad Of John Henry
13) Woke Up Dreaming (finally got to see this live smile )
14) Mountain Time


Self Inflicted Wounds

Blues Of Desperation

Ballad Of John Henry

Woke Up Dreaming

Re: 11-3, Springfield, IL UIS Performing Arts Center

I was there as well.

Amazing show as usual... but for one thing.

The sound was not good - at least in the Mezzanine. The bass was so loud that it was drowning out the horns and the backup singers. I though maybe it was just me, but most of the folks I talked too said the same thing.

It did take away from the show. But things happen.

That aside. It really was great to see Joe and the band again. Such great musicians and the song selection was excellent.

Re: 11-3, Springfield, IL UIS Performing Arts Center

thanks for the reviews..and vids..I haven't been paying too much attention but I saw Nancy mentioned they didnt get Self inflicted wounds so i guess that they are switiching up and playing If HEartaches Were Nickels when not SIW...
hmmm I was interested to hear IFWN after a long time but I think I'd rather hear SIW at the show Im going to Saturday