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Topic: Matt Andersen's Halfway Home By Morning

Came across Matt's latest release Halfway Home By Morning and thought it should be investigated.

I call these type releases "Road Trip Tapes" as the songs just seem to roll along with scenic blue highways.
Andersen's vocals remind me a bit of Chris Stapleton and the arrangements are high quality.  Very soulful.

My Dad passed away 16 years ago today and this song, the last song off the album, really tugged at the heartstrings.
All I can say is good music is still being created in this crazy world and there's still hope for all of us.  RIP Dad....




Re: Matt Andersen's Halfway Home By Morning

Well that was time well spent.  I read your post almost 45 minutes ago!  Just got back now.  That one with Amy Helm...wow!  Although I live not so far from where Matt comes from, we just don't get to see him anymore.  Good for Matt though!!


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Re: Matt Andersen's Halfway Home By Morning

Sometimes takes a while to get hold of a physical copy this side of the pond (I don't downstream or whatever....).

Another top recommendation; this like cream & bourbon for the ears, the balance of smoothness and fire. Not a bad track on the album from start to finish but if I have a niggle it's that there's not much variation, each track runs into the next. I've found it a more enjoyable listen by "splitting the journey".

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