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Topic: Better and better

We were at the Red Rocks show last night. A night we will never forget. 75°, slight breeze, full moon. It was magical. This was the 10th time we've seen Joe, but the first time in 2 years. The thought that kept going through my head during the show was, he's even better then the last time I  saw him and not just a little, by a lot. His voice was stronger then ever and he was hitting notes I've never heard from him before. His playing was so diverse from song to song. The passion and emotion in every note is beyond belief.  I always thought, Woke Up Dreaming, was Joe's way of showing off his incredible skills, he played it last night as part of the encore, he's added to the original, more difficult, more innovative, more incredible. I always thought Joe was the best I've ever seen and now, to me, he's taken it to another level.
The only thing missing was Anton and believe me he was missed. Wow what a drop-off. Get better soon Anton.

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Nice review bobkatmsu!  Thanks for posting.

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Looking forward to the show we’re seeing end of Oct. Maybe Anton will be up by then. Great review!

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