Topic: Dan Owen

Not sure if this guy has a thread from way back (all of 2014) when he started out as "Blues Boy" Dan Owen. Whatever, if he hasn't then he deserves one as he has a rich voice the belies his fresh-faced looks.

Anyway, in November he's doing a tour with a bit of a difference; from Dan’s twitter:-
I’m so excited to announce a short run of folk gigs in hand with a folk EP I am releasing. I’ll be doing the tour by bike and carrying all my gear with me over 850Km. This is a small contribution to fight climate change. I can’t wait.

14th Nov - Maschinenhaus i.d. KulturBrauerei Berlin
18th Nov - Surf Café - Tynemouth
19th Nov - Old Cinema laundrette - Durham
20th Nov - The Basement - York
25th Nov - The Big Comfy Bookshop - Coventry
28-30th Nov - Church of St Mary The Virgin - Shrewsbury (29th & 30th Sold Out)

The Ep is Running To The Hills, and here's a sample -

All those who believe in psychokenesis raise my hand........