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Topic: Rufus Black

I know this band's been discussed here but I can't find the thread.  Anyway, they've released a new live album called Live From the Ranch.  Most of the album are earlier songs done live.  The one new song, "Autumn Leaves" is a dang good rocker a la Bad Company/Beatles.  Couldn't find anything on YouTube but it's a fine listen.

Here's something from a few years ago....


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Re: Rufus Black

Came out a couple of months back; available on Spotify but not Bandcamp like first album for some reason and also on YouTube (tracks, not video)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=O … bLmyayI-e0

Playing Autumn Leaves as I type this.. I bet Paul Rodgers is wondering when he recorded this...? 

The band's has been a bit quiet recently though have done a couple of festival appearances.

Think you have to go back almost 2 years for original thread -
https://forum.jbonamassa.com/viewtopic. … 95#p353395 but well remembered.

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Re: Rufus Black

I have been hoping for a new studio album.
I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a long term band or just a one off project?

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