Topic: Fall 2019 Pre Sale

Happy Friday Everyone,
Any ideas on when they will be showing the pre sale codes for the Fall Tour and in what cities they might be in? THANKS everyone

Re: Fall 2019 Pre Sale

45 min from start of pre sale ....still no codes. Anyone know where they are?

Re: Fall 2019 Pre Sale

Hi Robcar....welcome to the forum....I'm guessing you are a fan but your first post is just asking about codes

FWIW they are posted in the general topics section and they've been on Facebook under the specific events for a few days

I got the typical email from JnR around 9 AM FWIW but a Bonabuddy just told me their didn't come untill 11

good luck with tickets and hang time it will be easier for you to get codes timely especially if we know you aren't a scalper.....