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Topic: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

Lately I've been thinking what's out there besides blues rock.  Besides 70 year old icons.......

I came across this band researching a cool song on a Netflix film.  Deep dove into their catalog and found this gem.  An Awesome wave by alt - j.  I'm glad I can still enjoy music like this.  I'll be jiggered but music is still quite alive.

I've started this thread because many here are music lovers first and have found unusual great tunes.  It can be anything rock, heavy metal, whatever, but it's not blues and not blues-rock. I look forward to first responders.

https://youtu.be/S3fTw_D3l10   The photography in this video is incredible.  What a beautiful song.



Whoa!  Very avant garde....but interesting.


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Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

Well Curb that is some nice music in its own right.
I don’t go out side of blues rock too much these days.
   But when I do  I go back and listen to a lot of old 70’s fusion music like Return to Forever and Jean Luc Ponty ect
   Or prog rock.
  I can listen to classical music when the mood strikes as well.

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Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

Here is something to add to the post
A band called Us,today

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVT-Yab … ture=share

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Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

Wow, this got me thinking about some of the punky/new wave stuff I used to listen to. I offer The Saints - Kissing Cousins. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0vtFqLVVxbQ

And I still enjoy Lords of the New Church (New Church) once in a while. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOnm8449vWg

And let's not forget Flesh for Lulu (Siamese Twist).  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l4ue6sbmkGI

And I still listen to Iron Maiden, UFO, MSG, etc.


Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

Stumbled onto this...pretty good.  Love the loops.


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Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

You know there's a lot of great music out there but nothing like the blues, at least to me. Buddy Guy once said 'the funny thing about the blues is that when you play the blues you no longer have the blues.'

But in the spirit of this thread there are countless musicians that write incredible songs, not blues songs, but great songs. People like John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby (look up 'Spider Fingers' on Youtube) Stephen stills, Milk Carton Kids, James Taylor, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Heather Maloney, the list is endless. But to me the blues, the real blues not the shred fest that is trying to be sold as the blues, speaks to me in a whole different language. From the heart to the heart.

Great idea for a thread Curby.

Sorry... edited to add links to some great music.

Mary Chapin Carpenetr

Bonnie Raitt

John Prine

Heather Maloney

Lori McKenna

Milk Carton Kids

Stephen Stills

James Taylor

Bruce Hornsby

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Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

Have to say, since Christmas I've been seriously enjoying the band Halestorm. Lizzy Hale has an almighty voice with a range that copes with covers from Judas Priest to Lady Gaga, Pet Benatar to Marilyn Manson. And her brother AreJay is a beast of a drummer. On a different tack, through 2018, following a friend's nagging, I really got into Steven Wilson and his approach to Prog.

As for concerts, I made a New Year resolution to try and avoid seeing all the bands I saw last year (apart from 1st timers),so no King King, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Ian Siegal, Wille & The Bandits, Sean Webster etc. just to try and freshen things up as getting a little jaded with Blues.

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Re: Indulgent but Interesting - Different Music

New video released today. International collaboration as these young musicians get wired into this old classic

Deep Purple - Child In Time

Sina • drums (Germany)

Rob Lundgren • vocals (Sweden)

Andrei Cerbu • guitar (Romania)

Rick Benbow • keyboards (UK)

Ursula Wienken • bass (I've not seen her before, don't know her country!)