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Hey guys, I've been wanting to learn bass for a long time but synths have put the death grip on my finances up until now.

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice around starting out.I don't really have anywhere close by that i can go check out gear so i've just been reading and listening to a bunch of demo's to narrow down some choices.

My budget is probably no more than $3-400 for bass and amp. So far the bass that has got me the most interested in the $200 range is the Ibanez grs200. I have mixed feelings around buying an amp because i will probably be playing in headphones most of the time but i know i will prefer to play on an amp when i have the place to myself.
The amp i found was Acoustic B100 MKll so if anyone has recommendations on those i'd appreciate it as well.

I understand the first and most important step is learning how to play but the thing i'm afraid of is not being happy with the sound quality from cheap gear and feeling discouraged to practice. Maybe i'm putting the cart before the horse on this ?

Thanks for any advice you guys can offer !

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you will do better if you post this on the guitar and amp gear topic here

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Re: Beginner advice for bass setup

welcome to the forum Ririq, I'll go ahead and move this to the gear section and see if you get more answers. I am curious myself!

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Re: Beginner advice for bass setup

So welcome to the forum.

I really wouldn't worry about the gear too much as a beginner. I still don't worry about it and have been playing guitar a life time (but not bass). When you're learning pretty much anything will do. Even Matt Schofield has said if his electric guitar sounds good with no amp (ie: the resonance, sustain etc.) He knows it will sound good through an amp. Just make sure you like the feel of the neck, height of the strings (you can change that) and the way it feels when you're standing. For example is the weight so off that the neck plunges towards the floor if you let go of the guitar... usually not a good thing.

You will probably want to buy the amp because bass (or any guitar) through headphones is one thing but most players want air between them and the speaker to really make their instruments to sing. Then just listen to the greats play. Carmine Rojas at the RAH with Joe does some incredible things. Just go for it and play.

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Save up for a Mexy P used ? Any used Peavey TKO or TNT. Always lose on buying new. Colleges where a schmuck needs the bucks. Test speakers and all electronics. Barter from there and above all rock on.

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Why don’t you checkout Yolanda Charles on Youtube and other sites, she’s a British bass player who does mainly session work but also has her own band.
I’ve seen her play and she’s pretty good.
There’s a host of information on different bass guitars and styles of playing.


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