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Topic: Smith & Myers

A friend played me some of S&M's music today and being a lover of interesting cover songs I bought both their EPs.

Smith is Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown and Myers is Zach Myers, guitarist for Shinedown.  They did these acoustic covers as a favor to fan requests.  The song selections are pretty eclectic, but also pretty good.  Will try to dig up a couple vids.

https://youtu.be/H1u3y2cO3Rg   Didn't realize KWS is playing with them.




This was my intro to Shinedown years ago.  My wife loved this version and went on to say it touched her more than the original and that was saying something since that band was Lynyrd Skynyrd.  This was her song to our Son who's all grown up now and doing well thank God.  She's his guardian angel these days....