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I will leave others to judge but I was bowlled over by the concert and the whole RAH experience.:P

I sat in section M row 6 seat 127 and took the following 3 minute 15 second clip:

Please feel free to share, coment and enjoy what was surely a unique experience.

My 4th time seeing Joe and my take on the sound is that is could have been better - but that it was good where I was and was not too loud.
Cardiff on the 29th April was not good for sound or light - but it was still a top experience and I got t be in the programme picture. Did I mention that already?
And loud vs too loud? Motorhead at Exeter University November 2008 was too loud and I was deaf for 36 hours, fearing for my hearing. Joe at the RAh I had no hearing impairment at all.

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To me, what makes this so unbelievably cool is that they didn't trade 8s or 4s, but instead played together and fed off each other. There is not the slightest hint of head cutting, just a mutal respect that you can hear in the way they echo each others stuff. What a statement about Clapton's class and Joe's standing as a world class guitarist.


" skillfully and shout for joy." Psalm 33:3b (honest, it really says that)

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from about the 4:00min mark on they are just jamming!!!!!!

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Today's  Joe posts sent me here.  10 years ago 2009 Royal Albert Hall

I remember watching "Just Got Paid' youtube from this show for like a thousand times in my first Joe days. There are several seconds in his guitar solo there that has an effect on me similar to rolling down from a tallest roller coaster.

Also love Tour de Force RAH - superb, absolutely superb.