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I saw an interview with JB where he was playing a goldtop in front of two older dudes. The conversation came up about his string size. JB couldn't recall exactly, but said


can anyone verify this?
I've been using Power slinkys 11-48 or GHS 11-50, and I'm interested to see how the gauge above feels or sounds different. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in a stock set, so I got a custom set from StringJoy.

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Re: string gauges

Nick lives!

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Re: string gauges

Seems like no one can verify this smile

Re: string gauges

Hey Nic!  Great to hear from you.

Over the years I have always seen he used 11s-52s, and remember seeing the sizes in between but can't find where it was posted or whether it was in an old interview.

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Re: string gauges

Found this post from 2011-10-02 From the man himself...

Here ya go....
       I usually set up a Gibson of any sort with 11-52 Ernie Ball gauge strings.  Each time the guitar is restrung a portion of Big Bends nut sauce is applied.  It works miracles as far as overall tuning is concerned.  I like the neck to be straight without any relief but not over tightened.  This lets the guitar ring at its maximum.   I find there is a big difference between 10 gauge strings and 11's as far a Gibson is concerned.   Something about the scaling and the way the guitar reacts..  Again its not a test of manhood..  I use stock pots and capacitors in my reissues and as far as the two original 59's they are as they came out of Kalamazoo in 1959 for the exception of the Fake 58 tuners that work way better than the originals.  I still have those as well.  I use a medium high action so the guitar fights back a little when I bend the strings.    Its all about finding that balance of power and finesse.  Fender guitars are a different story..  But I rarely use those anymore.  I hope that helps..  It is a personal thing.   Experiment and enjoy the search..  !!   Welcome aboard..
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Google "premier guitar rig rundown joe bonamassa" ... the first result should take you to the article
(this site would not allow me to post the link directly here). 

This is Joe's "rig rundown" from 2018.  He mentions he uses Ernie Ball (.011-.013-.018-.030-.042-.052) strings.

I can't imagine using 11's every night.  Not to mention one song he tunes UP to F !!  OUCH !!!

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welcome to the forum! yeah i think you have to make a certain number of posts before you can post a link so i'll throw it in here...thanks … massa-2018