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It’s late in the day and didn’t see a post so wanted to shout out to all to have a Merry  Christmas and holiday season!!

Your rock candy baby
Your hard sweet and sticky

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Thank you Gary. Always enjoying reading your posts. Have a good holidays and happy new year .

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Merry Christmassa!!!! and Happy Blue Year

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Merry Christmas Forum Family!

(Merry Christmassa big_smile !!)

"I was in Space for less than 2 weeks … and suddenly Jeaniene’s back … half the Band is off the gd wagon … we have comedians opening for us … and the nice kid that ran our website is now a kleptof’nmaniac.  Boy ... did you guys miss me!!"  Phil Valentine - Road Manager - Staton House Band

JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!