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I was at Barnes And Nobles yesterday and though that it would be lovely to have a wall calendar with pictures of Joe's guitars . He has so many beautiful and interesting instruments!!! Pelham blue for January, Runt for February, Magellan for March, Firebird for April, Principal Skinner for May, Black beauty for June, Gibson ES-335 for July, Ragin Cajun for August, Amos for September, Fender Fiesta Red Stratocaster for October, Terry Reid Telecaster for November, and all of them on the green Rug for December.  smile it is so nice to think about something like that.

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There actually was one of these around 10 years ago (I bought one for my son and I probably have one lying around somewhere).  There is so much stuff available in the store these days it would probably get lost in the shuffle if there was one.  I have always been surprised that Joe's people have missed out on the calendar idea all these years.  I used to make (and share with friends) my own using my own pictures.  Sadly I had to stop due to financial constraints after doing this for a few years.


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good topic. I think the official Joe calendar was 2006.....IIRC they still had excess and sold the old ones at a discount for a couple years? I used to take new calendar pages and tape them to the calendar so i could use it each year with the same pics big_smile
Sandy's were epic too smile !
With so many more fan and Joe store customers now, it does seem like a good item for them to consider.
You can send suggestions to the store / office for consideration. Its a little late for 2019 I guess but still worth a note to them.

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a friend of mine reminded me there was a 2010 calendar  also -  RAH themed i think
and a little bird told me one of each might go up on ebay soon, look out for them if you are interested

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I have of them signed by Joe.
When they didn't come out the following year, I made my own...just like Sandy did!

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