Topic: Murat Theatre in the Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN 11-9-2018

This show is definitely in my Top 10 shows list. Right off the bat the energy was amazing. When the band took the stage the crowd started roaring louder than I have ever heard. After I got home today and was relaxing in my chair, I realized my ears were still ringing a little! The sound overall was loud and maybe a little…muddy, if that’s the right word. Maybe it was where I was sitting (4th row, center) cuz on a couple of videos I watched that were filmed from the side things sounded a bit more defined. But I could hear Joe and that’s all I really care about.

As usual, Joe was in great form and the band was rocking. Even the singers, who I have not been supportive of, didn’t seem to be as overwhelming as in the past when I have seen them. Paulie was absent last night and Ron D. filled in so when it came time for Slow Train, Lee sang the last verse in Paulie’s absence! He was awesome and the crowd loved it. Not sure where Paulie was but hope all is well with him.

As far as I could tell, the set list was the same as what has been previously reported on this tour. To close the show we got to hear Last Kiss (luvluvluv), Well Well (an unexpected surprise) and then Mountain Time. Enjoyed hearing the new songs live. I loved every single tune they played!

Can’t say much about the theater other than we were packed in there like sardines! But sometimes that adds to the fun. It was hot, sweaty and loud – PERFECT! The seats were nice and bouncy which is good for me cuz I like to chair dance. big_smile

Recent shows (with the exception of the 2017 Bourbon & Beyond Hour of Power) were not as enjoyable for me (singers, ugh) but my faith has been restored! I’m so glad my bestie and I decided to make the trip. IT WAS A BLAST – EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Now I’m really looking forward to Chicago in March. Wondering what’s in store considering the recent Facebook surveys about band lineups and what we’d like to hear in the set list.

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Re: Murat Theatre in the Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN 11-9-2018

Thank you BarbieD for your review / view from the 4th row Bouncy Chairs at the Old National Centre ... (nice last minute score!!)

I do like the addition of the Back Up singers in many of the songs ... and glad to hear they may be blending into the pocket more now on this Tour.

(well wishes to Paulie as well, if his absence was more than a scheduling conflict.)

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JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.

Re: Murat Theatre in the Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN 11-9-2018

Thank you BarbieD! Great review.

And I love the backup singers too! Beautiful, beautiful voices. Can not imagine "Slow Train" without them anymore.

Also worrying about Paulie. Hope everything is alright.

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Re: Murat Theatre in the Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN 11-9-2018

thanks for thread Barb, glad it was great for you
love bouncy seats too
and Last Kiss great live song, great Blues but great up beat

I only saw one or so of those facebook surveys you mention....but I did find it interesting, one of them asked if fans preferred whole band or power trio....I dunno what the results are but when I looked I was surprised it was overwhelmingly power trio replies. I don't know that they will use those to decide the next tour but who knows. I also wonder if Joe even knows they do those lol but anyway yeah I was surprised the comments I saw but maybe was just a little snapshot, he's got 3 million followers on FB I can't keep up...

glad for Mountain Time still there....

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