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JJ wrote:

Is it just Juanita and Jade for backup singers?

Yes, for Fall Europe Tour 2018.  Juanita and Mahalia take turns for different tours, Jade is always with the band. Love this women - so talented, beautiful voices. And so beautiful. Such a great part of the band, so happy to hear them every time. Some songs can not even imagine without them any more.

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10/06/2018 Rittal Arena Wetzlar, Wetzlar, Germany

How Many More Times solo - … 557143881/   - Joe looks here like his Simpsons avatar

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10/08/2018  Ratiopharm Arena, Neu-Ulm, Germany

Evil Mama                                 

Self-Inflicted Wounds                 

Some Other Day, Some Other Time

Breaking Up Someone's Home   

Slow Train                                 

Last Kiss                                    

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Helsinki Jäähalli Sept 22, 2018 Full concert playlist. Shot in 4k, audio with a Zoom H1 and Soundman OKM II mics. Taping and editing by yours truly. Additional clips (HD) from other sources used in some songs.
N.B. A full concert single file will be uploaded in the near future (finalizing it currently) with all the material re-edited and improved (with new stuff added: introduction, introduction of the band, and intermission before the encores).
This was the  best JB concert I've been to so far (out of four) and I am happy it came out this nice. And I finally got to meet the man:).  Stay tuned.

The playlist: … QL4FdvC4CN