Re: Dan Patlansky

very interesting guitarist, - saw him last night as support for King King, - not often the support act are louder than the main act but he was, by some way! Loved it.

- nice guy as well, he hung around after the show to speak with people, - as did King King.

My YouTube channel with plenty of my Joe's videos dating from 2009 inc his first Hammersmith Odeon ones:

Re: Dan Patlansky

One of the best guitar players i ever saw. I'm glad that i can see him again Friday 27 may at De Bosuil at Weert.

Re: Dan Patlansky

Here is my report, pictures and two movies of the Great Dan Patlansky concert at De Bosuil at Weert The Netherlands on 27 may 2016 … nheuckelom … 6485078793

Re: Dan Patlansky

Dan is fantastic, loved his Silence album. Need to give his new one a good listen when I have a chunk of spare time.

I can imagine he would have had a blast with Satriani, would have been a great concert I bet.

Re: Dan Patlansky

Dan's UK tour with Joanne Shaw Taylor starts tonight (@ Gateshead Sage) and it's already been announced that he's doing a headline UK tour in March 2018 for the release of upcoming album Perfection Kills  (release Feb 2nd)


Mar 15 2018
Manchester    The Deaf Institute

Mar 16 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne         The Cluny (NE1 2PQ)

Mar 17 2018
Leek        Foxlowe Arts Centre (ST13 6AD)

Mar 18 2018
Bristol     The Tunnels (BS1 6QF)

Mar 20 2018
Sheffield    The Greystones (S11 7BS)

Mar 21 2018
London    The Borderline (W1D 4JB)

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Re: Dan Patlansky

Well then, despite a few missed opportunities, my first encounter with Mr Dan Patlansky and what a corker it was. What a powerful and crunchy set he delivered opening the show, the tour for Joanne Shaw Taylor. A good quantity of the songs from Introvertigo, an brand newbie from the upcoming Perfection Kills album, couple of older tracks, cleverly sandwiched between opening and closing instrumentals of fire-spitting fret shredding. Damn good songs, and a damn fine band behind him too.

Would I say he was great? Put it this way, 1st thing on winding up the ol’ laptop - book a ticket for next March’s tour (overdue Cluny visit): 2nd thing pre-order new album for Feb 2nd release.,

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Re: Dan Patlansky

March 16th - Newcastle Cluny.

Don’t know if it’s been reported on their website yet, but following the show by Dan Patlansky on Friday night, several large cracks have appeared in the walls of The Cluny and a structural engineer needs to be called. From the instrumental overture that lead into Perfection Kills’ opener Johnny, it was clear that this was going to be a performance of seismic power; the well-worn Strat that Dan favours was going to get as much mercy as the packed-out Cluny audience as wave after wave of ferocious Blues were served up, hot.

Only twice did Dan and the band back things off, once for his cover tribute to B.B. King; Lost Your Good Thing Now  and toward the end, his “slow” Blues of Bring The World To It’s Knees; slow maybe but immensely powerful with some Blackmore-style controlled aggression by all but kicking chords out the guitar. Have to say, on a coupe of the quieter, building numbers, the vocals did lose a little bit; otherwise, if you shut your eyes, you’d swear it was Pearl Jam doing a Blues show. And the backing band, well, they know how to Rock in Hamburg, the guys were solid, loud and tight; superb bass and great interplay between the drums and keyboards when Dan stepped to the side of the stage and gave the band their head.

Dan’s tried for a few years, since 20 Stones in 2012 to try and crack the UK; with this tour I think he’s ripped it right open: already anticipating his return in November.

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Re: Dan Patlansky

Just an interesting little aside as Dan’s tour finishes tonight; all the dates, with the exception of the rescheduled Bristol one, have been sold out.

15th – Manchester Deaf Institute – Manchester (UK) 

16th – Newcastle Cluny – Newcastle (UK) 

17th – Leek Foxlowe Arts – Leek (UK) 

18th – Bristol Tunnels – Bristol (UK) 
   Postponed to 30 Nov ’18

20th – Sheffield Greystones – Sheffield (UK) 

21st – London Borderline – London (UK) 

So I wouldn’t hang about when the next tour in November is announced….....

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Re: Dan Patlansky

Thats interesting Mike cos both times I have seen him I have not been impressed. Guitar yes vocals no.

Re: Dan Patlansky

Kenny wrote:

Thats interesting Mike cos both times I have seen him I have not been impressed. Guitar yes vocals no.

Have to agree with Kenny on this one.  I was an early supporter of Patlansky, but his recent albums have been stagnant.

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Re: Dan Patlansky

I think it's that tattoo on the side of his neck - must have stung like a #@$@#. I guess it's going to be horses for courses with Dan's vocals, the gruffer edge does work best with the newer bombastic style but he does step back and mellow out and that was when the vocals seemed to drop, possibly misjudging distance from microphone or what, I don't know.

As for older material, the easiest way I found getting hold of Dan's back-catalogue has been by buying at gigs, but to date, I've only done 2. I managed to get 3 albums on Friday, leaving 3 still to get  (didn't offer a "bulk" deal unfortunately). Of those albums, Wooden Thoughts, the acoustic one is diverse and interesting; 20 Stones, you can see the start of the heavier direction coming through; Move My Soul is definitely the Bluesier of the 3, like SRV jamming with BB King while Albert Lee and Doobie Brothers pass by. To be honest, the album I find hardest to listen to is Dear Silence Thieves.

Still, even though it was one of the pricier nights at The Cluny, it did have the benefit of Mollie Marriott on support and I came away feeling I got more than my money's worth, which is the main thing.

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Re: Dan Patlansky

Fingers crossed because of this perfidious virus; Dan Patlansky will the touring the UK for the first time since 2018’s Perfection Kills tour. He’ll be bringing with him a new album, recorded in Pretoria; guesting on the tour is American singer songwriter and Brian May guitar protege “Arielle”.

Southampton, 1865
Thursday 31 March 2022

Norwich, Waterfront Arts
Friday 1 April 2022

Newcastle, The Cluny
Saturday 2 April 2022

Glasgow, Òran Mór   
Sunday 3 April 2022

Sheffield, Greystones
Tuesday 5 April 2022

Bristol, Exchange
Wednesday 6 April 2022

Leeds, Brudenell
Friday 8 April 2022

*Manchester,  Deaf Institute
Saturday 9 April 2022

Leek, Foxlowe Arts
Sunday 10 April 2022

London, Garage
Tuesday 12 April 2022

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Re: Dan Patlansky

Newcastle Cluny - 2/4/22

Still hard tom get my head round, but last night was my first visit to the main room at The Cluny in 743 days, but what a way to get back into the swing of the place, with ace Blues shredder Dan Patlansky (and his first time back in almost 4 years). And he was in spanking form, with his power trio.

It was clear from the opening instrumental that he's in a SRV mood, and like the current album, the show carried much of the flavour, even when dipping back into his own back catalogue with tracks like Big Things Going Down (from 2009's Move My Soul album). And I think he may even have gone back further.... As for the soloing, this guys doesn't just strap on the guitar, ('62 Strat?), he inhabits it... Remember the halcyon days of Top Gear, when the thought nothing of road-testing £300K supercars in South Africa? Well, if they drove one over the edge and down Table Mountain, you get the sort of epic scale & sound of Dan's technique; not that he can't rein it back and make it weep...

Supporting was Texan [currently based in London] singer/songwriter/guitarist Aerielle. Her fluid style and bird-like voice is hard to pin to a genre, not quite Blues and not quite country, but heartfelt. In the short time she had on stage, she certainly managed to cover a lot of material, backed only by her bassist, and included a "jig" dedicated to her adoptive country as well as a cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World (and I must be one of the few in the country who's teeth itch when I hear it).

All told, not the biggest turn out, probably due to Eric Gales playing down the road, but a great way to reintroduce oneself to a favourite venue.

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Re: Dan Patlansky

Newcastle Cluny - 16/5/23

Ah, after visiting a couple of "new-to-me" venues recently, and being disappointed by all but one of them, how nice it is to be back on familiar ground, and with a soundman worth his weight in Nickel wound guitar strings (slinky or otherwise). the guy tonight was so good, you could almost hear the foot pedals squeak....

First up this evening at The Cluny were local Goth-ettes Crowley. Sharing the bill with someone like Dan Patlansky maybe like trying to put a pentagram in a round hole but they gave a "spirited" performance, and after all, variety is the spice.... so they reckon.

And of Dan himself; well, he's one of those guys, you know you're gonna get a damn good show, but you keep going back to see just to make sure you heard right the first time. So for this tour, Shelter of Bones is all but put to bed after a year's worth of touring; this time Dan is doing something very different from his usual; he's touring the next album even before it's committed fully to tape; and it's being refined and written on the road with his touring band, Greg on bass and Andy on drums. And from what i can tell you, it's a process that's working very well judging by the reception the new material was getting in among a few well-seasoned Patlansky favourites.

Set List (I think): - Lift Off: I'm On My Way: Humbled: Heart of Stone: Who I Am: One With Fire: Soul Parasite: Movin' On: Red House: Big Things Going Down: Backbite: Red Velvet Suit
(Don't want to add video, as I said, some of these are very new)

Interesting side note; hanging around after the show was a certain Mr Josh Smith, and he should know when he hears something good. (Sadly, no jam... Well you can't win everytime...)

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