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Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

Very cool! They raffled off three nice guitars on the cruise as well....I walked by them in the case a few times but was in a hurry so didn't look to see they were raffling them....I had felt I had given my share at the time to KTBA by what the cruise cost etc., didnt want to spend my pocket money on more.  smile ...... I walked away before seeing they were raffling guitars. big_smile (but not before I asked for a guitar pic - they had special KTBA ones.... I had seen Rachael walking around and she gave me some too )
IIRC they announced they made $20K on just the guitar raffle I think! I was by the stage when they announced the winners.

I considered the beer tasting...maybe next year. I did the wine tasting but no prizes I don't think. It was nice though but you have to miss music (and pay more) to do these things too. So much going on the whole time.

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Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

I didn't witness that. There is a large group of my friends who put the time in to wait in line or up front to get the best spot. They were kind enough to hold my spot for BCC. By the time i got back it still wasn't filled up but glad for spot on the rail.
i know they will hold one or two max spots amongst the dozen or more to run to bathroom but they literally stand there for hours to get the spot. And I know others secured front spots for tapers and then gave them up, moving to the back.
I saw a similar comment on fb and it kinda rubbed some folks the wrong way, who literally gave up seeing other shows etc. to get up front for Joe and other shows. I can't argue about that and wanted to give some support here. i didn't notice the videographers in particular being a problem for my experience.

There was though many reports of people saving spots around the pool deck area with towels etc. then leaving for the day...people then would try to respect those spots only to find out the people never came back.
Someone said that Sixthman did make a rule save one spot, cool, save two, go in the pool. or something. I never heard that but its only decent.

I do appreciate the vids but also my good time. I did feel bad a couple times during BCC being a little wild with my movements and screaming.....but i think i got almost as many shouts outs from folks later on and days forward thanking me for rocking out big_smile as maybe folks who watch the vids...maybe not quite as many. I don't mind the videographers and those who sacrifice their spot and time for them, unless they want me to tone myself down because of it. That can take some of the live experience fun out of it.And FWIW i only scream at BCC and when appropriate such as when Joe holds his hand to his ear wanting us loud...blahblah

I also sort f felt bad in the one venue for Marcus King, they had the dance floor open without chairs but many people had gotten there early to get seats but Marcus called us to the floor smile so once some of us swooped in those in seats couldnt see and some complained in the FB group. BUT...they also chose to sit there when there were clear signs the dance floor was for dancing....
I learned a lot on this first experience and am fortunate enough to be able to get next year.

Anyway yeah there was a survey so I am sure they will try to make it work the best for all. The best suggestion I could come up with other than making a no saving more than one spot a rule (and only saving for limited time) was if there could be a screen to watch on or something. I liked the pool deck because you could watch from various levels/angles etc. With the wind and the weather though a big screen doesnt seem practical but I saw an Eagles Tribute band on youtube who had these neat screens that pieced together so it wasn';t one large surface. I don't think its practical but I suggested as a possibility.

Most folks on the ship were very happy go lucky and easy going though so...go with the flow is best for the show. Some people were obviously grumpy though and in ways that seemed inappropriate for what it a festival atmosphere even though some venues were seated.

I know many enjoyed the Joe in the Stardust theater but he had to do two of same show for all to see. I actually was suprised it didnt seem more crowded in the pool deck area for his show there. It worked for me, and I enjoyed being able to stand. All the other darn Joe shows are in theaters! mumble big_smile

i actually really enjoyed watching Joe's band from above and behind. A different perspective for sure but equaled just as good if not better to me than waiting up front for hours and missing on a good dinner with good people...and it was cool to see my friends who did wait up there in front rockin out.

Man is it 2019 yet??? and i am already having an internal dilemma cause this year i focused on just waiting to be up front for BCC. I lucked out otherwise. Next year though...with Joe and KWS...I may put more time in waiting to get up front. I really enjoy making eye contact from the front if I can smile

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Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

Thanks, Jane, for reviewing your experience(s) +/- ...not sure I will ever go on a Caribbean cruise-did that USN.  But the lineups are incredible every year.  And certainly glad Joe went from never again to seemingly always again!  A Mediterranean cruise would certainly be appealing despite a couple also thanks to USN.  It might depend on lineup, ports, duration, and co$t.  An Alaska cruise would be awesome and an almost guaranteed participation for me.  There always bound to be some serious grumbling grumblers.  From that there has to be a dose of TFB for some to swallow. “You’re uniquely special, unique and entitled, just like every else dammit!”  That doesn’t apply to mumbles though. wink

Thanks again for a friends perspective and prospectus vis-à-vis investment of time and spaces, saved or “robbed.”

Rock ON the boat gently or LOUDLY & Keep The Faith,

"He still doesn't charge for mistakes! wink"
"Everybody wants ta get inta the act!"
“Now, this isn’t your ordinary party crowd, here.  I mean, there are professionals in here.”

Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

thanks Rocket....interested to hear your USN stories sometime
IDK about Alaska....hmmmm icebergs....

hey I made it into Guitar Player magazine...in the group picture.

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Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

Joe Bonamassa's 2018 Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise IV Recap - (JoeBonamassaTV - 8/3/18)


"I was in Space for less than 2 weeks … and suddenly Jeaniene’s back … half the Band is off the gd wagon … we have comedians opening for us … and the nice kid that ran our website is now a kleptof’nmaniac.  Boy ... did you guys miss me!!"  Phil Valentine - Road Manager - Staton House Band

JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.

Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

Here is a new video where Joe says that they are going to do 2 cruises next year: one US Winter and another Summer Europe that sails from Spain


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Re: Keeping the Blues alive cruise 4

reo l wrote:

Here is a new video where Joe says that they are going to do 2 cruises next year: one US Winter and another Summer Europe that sails from Spain


Wonder when they will officially announce the European trip? I think it sails July/August. Suppose we better start a topic for No. 5