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Bonadog Mom wrote:

That moment when you have a VERY Special gift for Joe, that you worked so hard to come up with, and he opens the box and a HUGE smile lights up his face, and you KNOW you did Good!

Wow! sounds so good! what was it? any pictures? DETAILES PLEASE!

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That moment when

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yes...don't know what u refer to but yes be strong...yes you've been thru worse! hug!

btw i think that gift mentioned above was these cool custom socks that had the Nerdville sign graphic...saw on facebook...very cool

That moment when the officer behind you turns on their lights to pull you over....  hmm

That moment when you just get a speeding ticket  big_smile (I usually don't go too fast!! )

That moment when you realize your guardian angels are sending you a message....

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That moment when you read a BubblyBonaBuddy may be traveling on a bumpy section of this road we call Life ... and you send well wishes and good vibes their way.  (Pull out an album you love ... and push Play.)

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That moment when you are really grateful for kind words from bonaforumfriends. Thank you Jane and RoadcaseBoy. Had a tough night but made through it . Shouldn't wright things like that here, but it helps me so much sometimes.

That moment when you are really grateful to Joe for creating such a great music that is always with you. Fan forever!

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that moment when god says he's going deaf.... … h-problems