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Topic: <G> R.I.P. - 8 years gone

Sunday, December 31 will be the anniversary of the passing of one of Joe's biggest fan Garth Close.  Hard to believe it's been 8 years. In memory of <G> his user name on this site, I support the live music we loved and continue to share this music with others. It never gets old introducing someone to great live music like Joe.

I know <G> goes along to the shows I see. This year I was blessed to see Davy Knowles  and Eric Sardinas live. I will be seeing Albert Cummings in January.  Three more I can cross off my list.  Still on the need to see live are The Hoax(<G> saw 3 of the band member as The Davey Brothers in 2000) , Indigenous, Aynsley Lister and Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - that <G> saw & I look forward to seeing. 

Make each day count and never miss a great live show. Please toast Garth as you celebrate the New Year.

David l