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Topic: Greta Van Fleet

I looked to see if anyone had written about the band Greta Van Fleet and didn't see one.

This band is obviously channeling Page and Plant and succeeds like The Black Crowes did on their first album doing their version of the Stones.  They released a EP last fall that I liked and bought and yesterday released a double EP of sorts.  I'd say this is the one to seriously look into.  Covers of Sam Cooke and Richard Thompson punctuate High Test rock'n'roll.



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Re: Greta Van Fleet

I listened to the ep Black Smoke Rising earlier this year and I liked it.Pretty good .
It did not blow me away like a lot reviews I saw.I am interested in the new one and will check it out
Maybe trying to make that comparison to LZ ups the expectations before listening to them.As that has been the comparison.

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Re: Greta Van Fleet

Put a few thoughts about the Black Smoke EP in the What Song are You.... thread (post 5,728). Liked what I heard from that EP, so maybe will treat myself to the new one as a post-Christmas shopping treat. They did a couple of London dates back in late September, so hoping they got enough interest to come back round. They're gonna have to work got shake the L.Z. tag, but good luck to them.

Edit: Quick visit to their web-site and saw some European dates for next Spring:-

Mar 22  Köln, Germany Artheater
Mar 24 Hamburg, Germany Molotow
Mar 25 Berlin, Germany Privatclub
Mar 27 Brussels, Belgium Botanique
Mar 28 Paris, France Les Etoiles

Mar  30 Fri   Manchester The Deaf Institute Manchester, GB 18:30
Mar  31 Sat  O2 Institute3 Birmingham Birmingham, GB 18:00
Apr  4 Wed   O2 Academy Islington London, GB 19:30

Jun 1  Nuremberg, Germany Rock im Park / Rock am Ring
Jun 2  Nuremberg, Germany  Rock im Park / Rock am Ring
Jun 3  Nuremberg, Germany Rock im Park / Rock am Ring

Strange timings on the UK shows; don't know if it signifies Door Opening times, Support slot timing or early shows.....

All those who believe in psychokenesis raise my hand........

Re: Greta Van Fleet

Fri March 30 2018 - MANCHESTER Deaf Institute
Sat March 31 2018 - BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute3
Sun April 01 2018 - GLASGOW King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
Wed April 04 2018 - LONDON O2 Academy Islington

Planet Rock like them.

Re: Greta Van Fleet

I've been hearing a lot about them lately, I really dug the few clips I've seen.  They sound great.

Re: Greta Van Fleet

I grabbed a quick listen and the singer really has the Plant thing down.
I am still struggling with it as to if it is a good thing or not?
The cover of A Change Is Going To Come He does not sound like Plant at all.I will say that song itself shows he has the vocal chops for sure.

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Re: Greta Van Fleet

These guys grow on you and I hope they're just scratching the surface of a great rock band.  Not a tribute band at all, but playing music they love.  I remember hearing a Hendrix song on the local college radio station and saying to myself "that's a different version of 'Voodoo Chile'.  Found out it was some guy called Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Won't make the leap with this band, but some of their stuff could be confused with a new Zep song.  These lads are pretty young and who know's how this will play out.  "Flower Power" sounds like a cut off Led Zeppelin III.

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Re: Greta Van Fleet

Girl Power....this is  just another good rock band tapping Zep and Aerosmith.  The drummer tells and plays her story.


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Re: Greta Van Fleet

Didn't realize this Thread on Greta Van Fleet was posted up ... Thread Title must have slipped by me.

Guess it's natural they would take a few comparisons / some knocks for their Zeppelin sound ... I dig their sound ... they are out there playing and doing it ... getting some ears to listen through the din ... hats off ... looking forward to more.

They have some good originals IMHO ... smart that they are staying away from doing Led Zep covers ... (maybe do no covers for now smile ) but if you're going to do one ...

... caught their take on Howling Wolf's Evil Is Goin' On ... (can't top the original ... but if they get one kid to dig back to the original ... cool that they did it.)

Greta Van Fleet "Evil Is Goin' On" (Howlin’ Wolf cover) @ Bowery Ballroom New York NY 12.5.2017
https://youtu.be/4TxhspfOXZk (Tom Florczak)

"I was in Space for less than 2 weeks … and suddenly Jeaniene’s back … half the Band is off the gd wagon … we have comedians opening for us … and the nice kid that ran our website is now a kleptof’nmaniac.  Boy ... did you guys miss me!!"  Phil Valentine - Road Manager - Staton House Band

JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.

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Re: Greta Van Fleet

thanks for the posts...thread title weird/threw me off.....just got turned onto these guys this week big_smile
i agree on the glad they don't do Zeppelin covers although they do have that sound

i listened to a long interview the other day, they seem like a nice group of young men as well as have a great band going

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Re: Greta Van Fleet

Thanks Jane for posting the vagueness of my title.  I changed it so hopefully forum members will check them out.  Yes, they channel Zeppelin, but make no mistake...these young men rock.  I haven't heard drumming like this in decades.....



https://youtu.be/jYmzW9dqA6A   Wow!  This is one of the best videos I've ever posted.  A young Jimmy Page would've stolen the riff.

The last two songs are new to me and I can't wait for the vinyl.  My home office is in Detroit and I'll definitely be checking their schedule.

Re: Greta Van Fleet

Nice to see them getting some love.  Living in the Detroit area, they get a lot of local rock radio air play.

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Re: Greta Van Fleet

thanks Curby and for the links etc.
Yeah i appreciate the posts in this section but also dont have a lot of time to check them out. honestly when i saw Michigan Zeppelin i had no interest to click smile
i have been checking them out more and some interviews...it is hard to not make the zep connection though esp the farther i explore but anyway...i will be following them
and eventually check out all the other artists mentioned here big_smile

Re: Greta Van Fleet

I caught the opening show of the tour in Columbus @ The basement.  They were incredible!!!!  An excellent audio recording of the night can be found on youtube.

Re: Greta Van Fleet

I saw them in Glasgow on Sunday after having their EP's for a few months.

Imagine seeing Led Zeppelin when they first toured 50 years ago - thats how I felt watching this incredible band. They are going to be HUGE no question. I have not felt like this since seeing Rival Sons for the first time 7 years ago - I came out of there knowing I had witnessed something really special. All their own songs apart from Evil by Howlin Wolf - singer said they couldn't help themselves smile And I texted all my music buddies after saying I had seen the future of rock n roll.

I can see myself going to all their UK dates next tour if possible, hopefully before end of 2018.

Re: Greta Van Fleet

Cool....must have missed Chuck's post before...I was checking out that audio and a bunch more youtubes...with that and Kenny's post...am getting so stoked for the show here in Baltimore in May.
I have literally listened to the From the Fires EP a zillion times...Doesnt get old!!!

Their show here sold out in like 2 mins...I was LUCKY to be able to get one ticket....but then they had a thing last weekend - released some tickets for sale at box office only...2 ticket minimum...was fun going to that....a mix of ages etc in line....

I also had to break down and actually listen to the crap rock station here...they have ruined rock n roll along with the whole payola industry but also because of the horrid music void morning show crap....but it was cool to hear GVF on the radio!!!
And my 23 year old son likes them...my friend's older boss.....yeah they sound like Zeppelin and its gooood...love their songs.....I think they have what it takes but it is werid the whole thing to me - like...who desont love Zeppelin but man i think this whole payola radio industry crap has ruined so much...but if the fct that we have had Zeppelin overplayed on the airwaves for decades - not tht there is anything wrong with that but for lack of deep tracks and other great music if you get what I mean...if thats is what it takes for these young men to break thru with their thing cool but I think they just have it too...the music !!!!!! I wish the best for them but also a hope for the future for other good music. I think I also red somewhere...some famous related artist say oh the singer..he's going places but to me...its really a whole package...its a band///its a family and they play what my ears and heart like to hear

Cant wait for the show and next album.!!!!!

Re: Greta Van Fleet

I want to see these guys. They're playing at Summerfest this year and although I loathe that festival, I will try to make it this year for them.


Re: Greta Van Fleet

finally saw Greta Van Fleet at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore last night
great show...
was a sold out show which basically sux in this venue IMHO, only second time i had been there for a sold out and after first time, wouldnt have gone if it wasn;t GVF...
we ended up paying an extra 10 bucks to go to the upper level where you could see better...

the opened was Dorothy, great set! will make thread for them

they played about 45 mins then it was another 45 mins before GVF....a bit too long imo, Dorothy's gear was just in front of GVF's...was having good time though no big deal just personally exhausted...blahblah

anyway they did a great set...sound was great...all 4 members killing it...can't say really one stands out more than others...I mean the singer is great but holey smokes the Bass / keys brother...well i haven't enjoyed a live bass performance like that since...hmm...IDK since...a long time big_smile and the drummer and the guitar... i know their names but don't want to mix them up here. They seemed to be having good time too and definitely put full energy into the show.
looks like they have a good and serious stage crew...hope this fast rise doesn't overwhelm the band
just curious where they might get booked next time....

a varied crowd in there, a number of youngsters...many 20 somethings and a bunch everywhere else in age, cool to see so many getting into it

they had more merch than on their website...a number of cooler shirts