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Topic: Claude Hay

One-man Aussie band.



Re: Claude Hay

Just discovered him sunday through a NPR radio interview. Very interesting sound.
The Link below will take you to the enterview.

http://www.npr.org/2010/11/18/131414141 … etter-song

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Re: Claude Hay

His new cd Rollercoaster is really good.A must check out.
I guess this his first cd with an actual band .
What I think makes it so good is the quality of the songs.Just great songs with some groove.Definately has his own unique sound within a blues rock framework.

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Re: Claude Hay

Trust Curby to beat me to this one......

Caught Claude last night as the tour guest of Wille & The Bandits. What a great vibe this guy has and the tone he gets from his home-made Resonator, "Loretta" is amazing. Not too sure about his kick-drum set up - last time I saw something like that it was chasing Patrick Troughton's Dr Who..... A master though at looping but I'd I've liked a little more just man & guitar; great vocal range though.

So impressed I bought 3 of his albums, including Rollercoaster....then I find out there's a 4th and a live DVD out there....

If you're thinking of catching any of the WATB shows in the UK and Australia, get early and check this guy out.

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Re: Claude Hay

After giving them a good playing, can give Claude's earlier (solo) albums, Deep Fried Satisfied & I Love Hate You solid recommendations.

His debut album, Kiss The Sky (2007) and a 2014 Live CD/DVD - Live At The Clarendon are both reasonably priced at CDBaby. (Reads like the DVD is Region (0) Free.)

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet; reads the same backwards.