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I have the chance of buying a Jim Kelley reverb head - I've got first refusal.  Having played it only for a short while in a large rehearsal room, even when set at 30 watts this amp is really, really loud BUT has the most amazing tone and overdrive.

Having done a little research, Kelley amp owners seem to like his attenuator, but I've seen conflicting advice at how good the attenuator is at lowering the sound levels.  Some say it is good at shaving off a few dBs only and others say it can also make the amp usable at bedroom levels and others say it cannot do this.

So, can the JK attenuator get the sound levels low enough for home use / late night practice?  Any advice would be great.

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Re: Jim Kelley attenuator - advice

This no longer seems to be the place to come to discuss or get advice on gear. A few years ago "Joe's Guitars, Amps and Gear" was very active but these days queries like this can go unanswered. If you are looking for a quick response I suggest you ask your question elsewhere. I'm sorry but I can't help.

Is it a coincidence that the apparent lack of interest in gear on this forum has come about at the same time as Joe ceasing to join in discussions? That period has also seen the meteoric rise in the use of social media so perhaps people are getting their gear fix elsewhere. Time was when Joe would regularly pop up to contribute to a thread on this forum but I've not seem him post here for a long while. Shame.

Re: Jim Kelley attenuator - advice

True, Joe does not come around much anymore. His last post was almost a year ago. I was interested in seeing if this question would get any response...

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Re: Jim Kelley attenuator - advice

I didn't comment since it was about a Jim Kelley attenuator.

JK stuff is a little higher end than the average guitar players gear I would think.

I have 3 types of attenuators.
1 is a TubeJuice 50w L Pad type. (Now retired to a shelf)
2 is a Weber 50w mini mass (currently in use)

Both I've used on my Traynor 30w YGL2, both are heavily attenuated to get it down to bedroom level.

The Weber has a 6db and 3 db treble boost switch if so desired.

Last I have in the amp I built a VVR circuit from Dana Hall amplification.
It's by far the best type of attention, by lowering the B+ voltage rail while leaving the heater voltage.
The tone of the amp is consistent all the way down to a whisper.

You will loose topend on external inbetween the amp and speaker attenuator.
Adjust your tone controls accordingly
But it's a trade-off.

But really if you're really attenuating that much for your room you have to accept tone change.

I have no experience with Jim Kelley products so I can't comment

It's a shame that Joe doesn't drop in , I know he has time constraints, but it's sad not here anymore


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Re: Jim Kelley attenuator - advice

DougH wrote:

It's a shame that Joe doesn't drop in , I know he has time constraints, but it's sad not here anymore

I believe it's more about priorities than time constraints. Joe has the time to post on social media and the Les Paul forum yet his own "fan" forum no longer gets his attention.

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Re: Jim Kelley attenuator - advice

A few years ago I asked the mods if there could be a 'Musicians Forum' topic in the mix of other general topics but nothing ever came of it. There are some great musicians on this forum and they might just chime in. John Mayer has not been on his forum for about seven year (or more), but the Musician Forum thread over there is going strong and even Chris Buck chimed in for a while and it was unbelievable. I think it might even present Joe with a more interesting place to be, talking about gear. After all, ow long can he talk about his own gear?

Re: Jim Kelley attenuator - advice

I will respond to the original question. I have two of Kelly's 60 combos. The heaviest little 1x12 I have ever lifted and the loudest. Yes I also have two of his attenuators. They are awesome. Makes this 60 watt monster sound awesome and in all its glory in my studio. You can't go wrong with Jim Kelly's gear. Knowing Joe I am sure he would say the same thing.
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