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Topic: JOE BONAMASSA Signed Autograph "LIVE from nowhere in particular" Album

Hey guys,
Been a massive fan, along with my brother, of JB for a while now but never went on this forum much.
Yet being a student, I have to unfortunately sell this.
I obtained this in person at a meet & greet in Cardiff on October 27th 2015. Signed with a permanent felt tip marker by Joe. Both Vinyl records are included (along with their sleeves). there are some wear to the corners of the cover due to storage. Work perfectly well and signature is still in perfect condition. I do have proof of authenticity being a picture with the man himself with the LP under my arm. Me and my brother actually got to go to the meet & greet by winning the Bonatube competition with a video, this can be found by searching for "Joe Bonamassa, Royal Albert Hall, Midnight Blues, Bonatube" on Youtube.
But if you would like to buy this piece, I do have it on on eBay at the moment for those who wish to have a look by searching: "JOE BONAMASSA Signed Autograph "LIVE from nowhere in particular" Album Vinyl" on eBay.
Thanks for looking guys!
P.S If someone from outside the UK is looking to buy this piece, just message me through here and I can arrange it for you! Also price can be negotiated.