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I'm a big new JB fan, a Brit living in Romania (Transylvania) since 1993, but only discovered Joe's music a few months ago when a Romanian friend recommended Seesaw, on account of Joe's stunning musical partnership with Beth H.

I have an excuse for discovering Joe so late - I've been a BIG Santana (and Floyd) fan for many years, especially since Carlos's one and only concert in Romania about 7 years ago!  Anyway I'm now a JB convert, I've just bought Dust Bowl, Blues of Desperation and Seesaw (online download) and have another CD full of freebie tracks from Joe's Monday Night Blues pages.

So I have a question that's been puzzling me for a few weeks....  I've been watching plenty of Joe's reviews of other guitarists on MNB and his YouTube clips, but I find no mention of Carlos Santana.  Or for that matter of Snowy White, another guitar magician in my humble opinion!  JB's ability to replicate other players, and his more recent development of his own musical style (brilliantly successful in my view), mean that he ought to be making reference to Carlos and Snowy more often I think.  Have I missed something, or maybe there's some political issue at stake?

There are many of Joe's tracks I'm getting addicted to on the albums I've just bought, but his "Ballad of John Henry" is without a doubt my current number 1!

Thank you Joe - for your superb music, and your sincere and generous nature!  Please don't change - not too much anyway!

Col - in Transylvania.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

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The ballad of John Henry really sparked Joe to the next level.

With Live from No Particular Place, then leading up to Royal Albert Hall #1 in 2009

That will be your next 2 purchases wink

Why he doesn't mention Santana? Couldn't say.
Didn't get "mentored" by him???

Welcome to the form


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

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Welcome to the new JB fan from vampire country!

Have to admit, I had never heard of Snowy White. Looked him up, relatively short stints with Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, others, mostly solo in recent years.  I presume Joe just has never crossed paths with him.

As for Carlos Santana, that's a good question.  I don't recall any past references in interviews or such.  Perhaps the same explanation - they've just never crossed paths.  Plus the fact that Santana isn't really in the blues or blues-rock genre category.

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Thanks to you all for the messages of welcome!

Snowy White is fairly well known, though not as well as Carlos Santana of course.  I'd be fascinated to hear what Joe thinks about those two and their playing.  Just wondered if anyone has seen any comments or videos in which Joe replicates their respective styles?

Greetings from Transylvania!

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*Maybe* it is because Carmine Rojas played for Santana and it would be a conflict of interest to mention him? Just a uneducated guess, lol.